Sorry Wild, we just don’t care

While 43 votes hardly constitutes an in-depth study, the recent poll of who Canucks fam enjoyed beating the most did offer some interesting information.

First, Calgary is more “hated” than Edmonton (for me, Edmonton’s success and resultant smugness annoys me to no end – moreso thatn Calgary who gain favor from my admiration of Lanny MacDonald’s mustache) and Second, we just don’t care about Minnesota.

This is interesting since the Wild fans have taken us on like a older brother rival and direct much anguish and animosity towards the Canucks.  Much of the anger was the ballyhooed Bertuzzi comment about “no game 7” but really the Wilds just needed a rival for a “dance partner.”  Much like Edmonton has Calgary, Toronto had Montreal (and now Ottawa), and the Canucks got the Jets to beat up on by default.

When Minnesota entered the league, Colorado and Detroit were matched up, so were the Albertans (plus Columbus or Nashville were too much the same age and Minnesota didn’t want to associate with those rookie hockey markets anyhow) so the Canucks seemed like a good fit for them.

Well, if the Nucks keep losing to the Wilders, we may start caring but probably not.