memo: foggy, dark & french press (+ compost & distortion)

In bed dark room, head spinning, can’t quite a drift off so fiddling with archiving miscellaneous items (books, portals, calendars) at my creative life archive.

Oh and look, new metal French press and gooseneck kettle for pourovers.

Also got a machine for making soy milk.

Meanwhile, realized I am enjoying four beverages more or less simultaneously.

[update] Next day: Rough night but got up and played with shovel and wheelbarrow & moved some compost around from one pile to another just to break a sweat and try to shake out the cobwebs. I’ll be OK eventually, I always am, but the present tense is always tough #MECFS

Had my sidekick assistant in his tie-dyed with his own shovel helping me out :)

Then I went out to the barn studio and ink stamped little signs to put on the metal brackets on my flat file dossier cabinet. While listening to a Bob Mould 7LP set I got – some how – for like $50! #Distortion

Whatcha think?