Memo: in & outta the ditch with blue hobbit toes

Thanks for kind words, letters and picking up the phone recently.

Got out of the #mecfs ditch for a couple of days / now back in bed *crashmode* while family (w/ visiting nephew) is heading off to a sword museum outing i planned. Feeling super low but hey, at least my toes are painted cute #selfcare

Alt: A pair of moderately-hobbit-looking 27cm feet with unprofessionally but enjoyably painted blue toenails, shot from recumbent height level against a turquoise tencel bedsheet with a Japanese translucent glass sliding door as background

OK, I need to disappear again, eye fatigued after a :20 reentry. Ice bags on neck, coffee and water on hand.

im here, really

You are all more beautiful than you were yesterday if that’s even possible.