DIY: Hemp curtain , part 2 (with tatami cloth)

Going to try to make the hemp curtain for the back door this afternoon. What do you think for the top curtain loops: the green or the peach?

You maybe caught the first iteration of hemp curtain project for the “old genkon” – this time to cover a rarely-used back door which gets a little bit drafty – still wanted to make sure to look nice with all the paintings I have around there. also had some of this same hemp fabric in black which would’ve been a little bit gloomy for that corner.

(this embroidered cloth is made to be the edges of tatami mats – purchased a highway rest area in the “local made products” section for 300¥ each)

Ok step by step, here we go (notes as captions)

Lousy photo, but finished job. Even hemmed the edges of the tie up strap. The bottom hem got a little bit dodgy as my eyes and body were getting weary but heck… I even tidied everything up. Checked off the list. PS The broom really makes a nice accent

Thanks for hanging out and sharing opinions, ideas and encouragement.

It was really pleasing project… Important for me to do lots of hand work and stuff away from the screen and which “doesn’t have to be perfect”… All of it is some kind of Zen practice

My socks have shelves of books and my slippers fit. Life is perfect.

Whatcha think?