Diary: “i much prefer the mundane” – campsite tasks and musings

Continuing to document the mundane / usual days >> like another “waiting for a bus (when i shoulda adjusted my flower) to go to seitai medical treatment”.

Really though, just an excuse to say “thanks for all the kindness of late” – its nice to be your friend + poetry, convos & snaps.

By the way, these are the glasses that were broken several weeks ago and now magically repaired… Serving me well since 1994 (on and off)

Bits and pieces or recent days included with minor annotations in captions and so on:

First: No tenants in the first birdhouse, though lots of birdies around, but made another one anyhow. Its like a housing development here (with no strata fees).

i might just put action figures in the houses instead – I make bird houses (even though no birds seem want to live in them). But I get to make them regardless. This has zero cost and minimal skill and maximum satisfaction. No conventions or preconceived notions of outcomes

unrelated: after building another birdhouse, i submitted 3 poems to one place and 2 to another, ergo:

* Barbed Wire Scars (approx 37 lines)
* Alchemists Confer with Hypnotists (approx 32 lines)
* Nowhere to Call (approx 21 lines)
* How Shall We Fill This Vessel
* Aye Carpathia

Ichiro Bench project: More scraps into action to make a workbench for Ichiro who digs playing with his tools & pounding nails. Ichiro loves playing with brooms, rakes, shovels and these kinds of things so… will drill some big holes in the right side of the bench to stash in his own tools
adding rubber trim to the bed of Ryoko’s dump, kei-truck – pretty much like using double sided tape for making scrapbooks or flower sticks

Amidst all the blossoms – plum more than cherry, the *usual* hanami festivities are still a sorta no-go so we grilled under then flowering plum tree here at Tsuchida Station.

Ichi is a happy little dude, learning more words daily, LOVES his Mama, figuring out how his body works and finding the things he likes
“Safety” Gate – More scraps of wood & fresh cut bamboo to make a bit of a barrier for Ichi & balls to stay inside the compound (a bit of a blind spot driveway to the lane)

As an aside, it was kind of funny that my father-in-law was really “impressed” and excited about this project… All the other projects I’ve done and things Ive pulled off in my three years here, this was the one that “sparked his joy” Funny how it goes.

Finally: I was feeling completely spun out after my doctors appointment in the city… I rode the bus there… Called darling wife to *rescue me* and she whipped by in her little dump truck with a bunch of cinder bricks in the back and rolled me home >> shower, changed into one of my 47 sets of pajamas, and curled up in bed sending this note to you (and sewed buttons on a shirt or two).

Whatcha think?