Signpost: new planks for Atemi Kougen, Misasa onsen, Dubai, Olympia x2…

New signs on the pole…

Olympia x2 – 1 of which spent 9 years, 1 of which spent 1 day
Atema Kougen, Niigata – where Ryoko worked one summer in University and we visited on honeymoon

{I had to deviate *somewhat* from my usual obsessiveness about the compass directions due to aesthetic and space concerns}.

Dubai (for Cedra)
Misasa onsen – made me fall in love with Japan and then Ryoko

I’m noticing that some of them aren’t *really straight* but well, it’s all an exercise and releasing my perfectionist tendencies.

Khabarovsk – where Ryoko did arborist education exchange with Hongo Sensei

Of course stories behind each place but well I have laundry to fold and dishes to wash. So will hit you up another time with that but if you can’t wait, feel free to ask. Of course tools, methodology and other annotations about how this project came to be are elsewhere in this archive.

Whatcha think?