Christmas flashback variety pack with young Olsonboys, 1970-80, Guildford and Whalley

Brothers in robes: Dave, Bob, Dan and James in Surrey (Guildford, 154th St)

In preparing to enjoy Christmas 2019, i raided the archive of scanned slides which dear Mother diligently created (fortunately before her untimely passing) for a few to share with brothers.

In particular, brother James’ kids who received monogrammed robes from Ryoko and I for gifts, and also participated in various plays telling Christmas-related stories – both similar to these offerings.

Brothers in robes: Bob, Dave, James, Dan and Andrew in Surrey (Whalley 12310 95th Ave)

Since Flickr’s impending demise, finding the photos from Mom’s efforts is a little more difficult so i am archiving a few slices here for future amusements and reference. There are many more but these are the ones i pulled this year. Perhaps others to follow. 

Brothers in cowboy hats preparing for careers as Bandit and Snowman-esque long haul truckers in Surrey (Whalley, 95th Ave)
“King” Davey and baby (James?) in Surrey (Guildford, 154th St) – note carpet squares stapled to floor
Not necessarily Christmas but awesum – Brothers James, Dan, Bob and Dave (thumbs-up!) in Surrey (Guildford, 154th St)
Christmas story recreation with Dan as shepherd, Uncle Mark as wiseman 1, Bob as wiseman 2, Dad (Lorne) as Joseph, James as baby Jesus, Dave as wiseman 3, Grandma (Isobel) as Mary in Surrey (Guildford, 154th St)
Festive tree complete with assorted gifts and stocking in Surrey (Whalley, 95th Ave)
Me with Santa, clearly impressed, circa 1980, location unknown

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