Diary: 2000 kisses for Ichiro

Amidst my ridiculous illness #MECFS i’m doing my very best to be a very good papa. Bathtime with Ichiro every night is the highlight of my existence.

Anyhow, picked up this book with a recommendation by Jim canary just thinking well… “I’m doing this, maybe I should get better“ and in my brief reading of it so far, I got to say I’m doing a lot of things right. I know everyone parents differently, but we all sleep in one big bed together, bond in the bathtub, lots of positive reinforcement, try *very hard* not to lose my temper (mostly when he dumps things on the floor as kind of an “oopa!” at the dinner table), teach him about tidying up, he likes to play with rakes, brooms and shovels, and he knows that sometimes I have a hard time and need to rest.

We also take the trash down to the corner together, water plants, planted a few things in the garden, eat berries off the tree, kick a ball around, learn about being careful crossing roads, his birthday is coming up so I think about getting him a balance bike. Of course mom is his favorite but I’m a pretty solid top 4 draft pick.

Note: sometimes feel that i’m a little behind on my usual excess posting pictures but we’re just kind of “into the regular thick of it” and while he’s a very well documented child but, as he develops more and more of his “own self” he just sort of blends in with the “usual diary musings” in the splendor of regular life of our power trio.

Whatcha think?