Ichiro: card #11 “officialness & compliance” #canadaday / 1.7

Ichiro Stanley Thorvald Olson, card #11 / “Officialness & Compliance” / July 1, Reiwa 2 (2020)

Ichiro Stanley Thorvald Olson, card #11
July 1, Reiwa 2 (2020)
“Officialness & Compliance”

Ergo: Name (etc) registration is complete / paperwork in order / various writing schemes and dating systems applied.

Received from Okayama-shi, Naka-ku (city/ward) office:
* tree (sapling, choice from six varieties)
* trash bags (30 l, many)
* tissues (small packet)
* various cards and certificates (importantness abounding)
* charge ¥700 (processing)

Thanks to: Takeshi Fujita (FiL) #io

Comment from John Low:

That name will leave a wake!


we used up all the extra syllables you left laying around with your elegant minimalist name 🙂 you can call him “ichi“ for short. Plus imagine the fun times at the city office doing the name registration… They don’t make the forms big enough to fit all his words!


“Takin’ care of business, (every day), takin’ care of business (every-way), takin’ care of business (for Ichiro)”
(Paperwork with FiL at Naka-ku, Okayama-shi city admin office)


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