(Another) scrapbook for #io / this time: school days

You are no doubt not surprised that adorable son Ichiro’s life is widely documented in a series of analog scrapbooks…

One for the days leading up to his birth, another for early days at home, another for cards and letters received, and so on.

And here’s another one made on a pleasant Sunday with his mom and the dude himself with all the arts and crafts he’s brought home from school as well as some “semi pro” photos taken at his great preschool.

Many/most of the arts and crafts are made with paint/ink and his hand prints/foot prints and turned into some other kind of character, often with a seasonal theme.

Within the photos are many with his classmates (so we won’t share here), as well as a *very special visit* from Santa Claus sporting a very fetching and somehow familiar beard.

Of course, was just recently his second birthday so meaning to share some more artifacts from that time… Did I already do that? I can’t really remember.

Anyway, here’s a scrapbook and here’s the dude for now.