Creepers and Chums: global musicians

** Creepers and Chums Musician  Round-up playlist **

Best thanks to the assortment of Global Free Radicals who contributed music via video for Creepers and Chums. This playlist contains all of them with the addition of “pre-roll” and “post-roll” artifacts collected from various place, simply to amuse and surprise without context.

Kindly consider reaching-out/following/fan-ing/liking any of the bands you particularly enjoyed via social channels of your choosing. They are all part of your life narrative too as they participated in this memorial for our departed loved ones.

* Trio Miles are a classic rock cover band from Pokhara, Nepal (in the shadow of 8000+m Annapurna massif). They contributed Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World amongst other familiar rockers.


* The Matinee are a roots-rock band from Vancouver and sport the best assortment of beards since Lynard Skynard and sent along a incredibly lyrically on-point unreleased song which sounds like it was written specifically for this memorial.

W: T: F: Y: I:

Trevor Erikson of Pender Island, BC/Cascadia contributed Franklin’s Tower shirtless from his porch. He’s a Dr of Trad. Chinese Medicine as well and a fond visitor of Utah from years past / rather than a “Musician” page, here’s his TCM practice info:

W: F:

Nikos Paraskevas lives in Patras, Greece and plays a 4 stringed instrument called a tzoura evoking the joyful spirit of Zorba the Greek.


* Tolga Arman from Istanbul, Turkey added his Rod-style hair to the flow along with singing covers of trad/popTurkish songs.

F: I: T: Y:

Also included in various forms and snippets are:

* The WhiskeyHickon Boys – &

Briggs Bachman –

Bonus cuts include: Hare Krishna festival in Vancouver circa 2006 and a parade/protest in Austin, TX, a memorial parade for Pope JP2 in Santiago, Spain circa 2005, bagpipers at Ambleside, BC, jamming kids at GD50 in Chicago.

+ More buskers and randoms include: street band and accordion guy both in Athens, GR, a blues band in New West, BC, a trad Thai instrument maker in Phitsanulok and some i forgot

+ Also some post-roll which was pre-empted by exceptional karaoke of Dan Mangan from Vancouver singing “Robots Need Love Too” at Rifflandia in Victoria, 2015 and Flaming Lips at the same event doing “Do You Realize”

In a following dispatch, i’ll share social links to the musicians who performed in person (Larry HarperMikael LewisJamielee Eldridge) and share the poems i wrote for dear Mr. Rod Howard Ash and Lauralee Stevenson Olson Elliott.

Remember, the live streams are still available for viewing to show your pals the cart-wheelers and autoharps, and all points in between. #freehugs dvo/UW

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