Dave + Ryoko 4-20 Kekkon-shiki / poster by JoRobot + Gamomo

Dave + Ryoko Kekkon-shiki / poster by JoRobot

Poster design by Joanna “JoBot” Ambrosio of Gamomo Creative Labs (from concept input and inspiration by daveo)

Ryoko writes: 

この度、Dave Olson さんとの結婚が決まりました。


Dave writes: 

Dear Friends,

Today’s dispatch bears wonderful news – I met a most wonderful lady while in beloved Japanese countryside and we will be MARRIED this coming April 20th. I’m quite over the moon!

My lovely’s name is Ryoko Fujita 藤田良子. She’s an arborist and traditional garden designer by day and sings in a Jazz band (called “Mae Maes”) by night. She studies tea ceremony and drawing amongst myriad other hobbies.

Like me, she loves art, culture, eclectic cinema, and curating communities of exceptional friends.

Our festivities will take place in her home area of Okayama, Japan and include:

* April 19th: formal registration of the marriage at City Hall followed by an okonomiyaki café fun
* April 20th: solemn formal ceremony at Shinto shrine followed by kaiseki lunch in the park below the castle
* April 21st: celebratory party at Mr. Mac Kobayashi‘s goat farm with live jazz band, craft libations and abundant local victuals

Noting that the location of the event is a long trip for many/most of my pals – as such, there is no expectation whatsoever of anyone coming, but… If you have a notion to make the journey, please be in touch for logistical details. Interestingly enough, this area is Nat Geo’s coolest place to visit in 2019 #hint.

In the meanwhile, I/we hope you get a smile from the commemorative “gig poster” art’d by Joanna Pag of Gamamo Creative Lab – thanks to her and husband Kenji who demonstrate what love can be.

Yours most fondly,


PS Thank you most earnestly for your support of me personally over the recent transitory years, and years to come I trust. Truly grateful for your kindness.

Note: There is no gift registration nor any expectation whatsoever, though if you wish to commemorate the occasion with a card, letter, song, handcraft, oddity etc, such items are graciously accepted by post or in person.

Post: D&R Olson 937-1 Tsuchida, Naka-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken, 703-8217 Japan

Etc: gravellybeach (at) gmail (dot) com *** daveostory (dot) com *** @uncleweed

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