DaveO Storytime Series #idea

Have a notion for a new project to share my spiels:

“DaveO Storytime Series”

Gist: Interdisciplinary storytime lectures mixing history, culture, art, travel, socialness, literature, documentation, music, poetry, digressions, anecdotes and rambles etc. ~ with conversation.

Details: 1 per month at a friendly venue (preferably on North Shore) – 3rd Thursday of each month, 7-9PM.

Streamed to share anywhere
Filmed, recorded, documented, annotated
Participatory with all involved somehow, surprises encouraged

Topics: Order TDB, etc.

* Vancouver Counter-Culture Anecdotes
* Fuck Stats, Make Art
* Art and Tech are Old Pals
* Greeks to Geeks – History of personal media
* Varley in Vancouver
* Hitchhiking to the Boardroom
* Postcards from Elsewhere
* Letters from Russia
* Rock and Roll Photography
* Hemp Culture in Japan
* Roots and Branches of the Beats


Venue (coffee shop with event space – comfortable and thrifty)

Someone to:

– produce each “episode” – keep me on track, motivated, help organize
– make a poster and promo materials
– manage door/ticket (brownpapertickets, eventbrite whatever)
– make high quality a/v recordings
– run livestream
– round-up artifacts coverage

Whatcha think? I’ll require a wee bit of help.

Whatcha think?