Diary: New Year Tea Ceremony at Matsuka-sensei’s house

Studying tea ceremony… I’m not sure if studying is the right word, maybe practicing, refining or just enjoying… with a wonderful circle of folks.

Together, we enjoy refining the sequence, admiring the artifacts, eating lunch (fabulous of course), and in some cases also practicing/refining/studying/enjoying wearing kimono.

This was a special one to kick off the new year. So lovely (other riffs elsewhere in this archive). 

My sweet Ryoko riffed out a riff, ergo:



+++ Bonus +++

Meanwhile, sometime in Taisho era…

special kimono socks & special kimono sandals / specifically designed for this purpose for centuries as it goes / Also noting that “western” hats with Japanese kimono were a thing for a few decades in the early 1900s – hence Taisho era reference

++ Even More ++

Matsuka-sensei’s shrine in her home where we do the tea ceremony.

++ Even More part 2 ++

insta-photo of above shrine
Ryoko, me and Matsuka-sensei
Matsuak-sensei, Me and ummm… another wonderful obaachan
3 kimono queens – Mitsuko, Ryoko and Sachiko

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