February, farewell (mostly rebuilding)

Like January, February saw a lot of time spent at hospitals and doctors but added in a funeral, taxes in three countries, no visits to the post office (shocking, I know), some endless tech-support threads, few family jam sessions, pick ups and drop offs to preschool ++ cut wood, move dirt, light fires, make rice and tea, take out the compost and the trash.

Hello March, let’s continue to improve the campsite. First finish this coffee, put on clothes, wash the dishes, then maybe some postcards or some clearcoat on the new signs for the sign post. (Noting rain falls at this time)

If you’re waiting for a reply for some thing, I’m getting closer. Patience appreciated.

(It *seems* appropriate here to acknowledge all the death and destruction in the world of late but I’m not really capable of saying it in plain language and rely on poetry – stashed in other places instead – I’m not ignoring, I just express differently) #hubris

Whatcha think?