Items: record shop stop (feat. BTO Japan Tour)

yesterday, report / diary:

Finished medical appt and somehow a magnetic impulse pulled me into a tiny record store – now I’m waiting for ride with a blue bag full of “just a few vinyls really, well… several” David Bowie, BTO Live in Japan, Levon Helm RCO all stars, Echo and the Bunnymen, McCoy Tyner, The Pretenders +++

Admittedly, my powers of resistance are (deliberately?) very weak… Recently most of my record purchases are online but there’s real satisfaction to flipping through bins.

Yeah bookstores and record stores, especially small, well curated and possibly a cat wandering around, I’m very content. (There’s even a poem somewhere around here about almost being locked in a bookstore overnight)

Note: Japanese packaging is so often different and so interesting (with Obi – extra paper stripe around with the information in Japanese – too)

For what it’s worth, ranged between ¥1200 and ¥1800 – including some double albums, all in great condition – the proprietor inspected each one as he packed it into a vinyl sleeve.

Not that it really really matters but we’re living pretty thrifty these days / months so remind myself that not spending money on restaurants, travel, booze etc. so a little bit of cash splashed on vinyl is alrighhhht.

Listening to Wilco as im waiting for kei-truck pick-up, in front of piano bar / friendly master Ren san brought me yesterday cup of black coffee

Here: Power Plant Records

2 thoughts on “Items: record shop stop (feat. BTO Japan Tour)”

  1. Oooh second hand record shop envy! There’s nothing quite like rooting through some old vinyl. That smell.

    Then again, it’s probably just as well there aren’t any anywhere near me.

    1. oh i love used record and book stores. i’m not much of a konsumer/shopper but these are filed under “cultural preservation” so always worthwhile. indeed, in the “big city” there are apparently whole districts and streets with curated records shops so i’d best not go there or risk Ichiro’s college savings… oh now thinking about it… that *is* educational right!

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