Kitchen: Ume vinegar, syrup & cordial (bottling etc)

[continuing from: Kitchen: Umeboshi Time with Crock & Rocks (+ pickles & jam)Kitchen: Umeboshi update (drying after salting, before salting again) &  Umeboshi update, part 3 (adding shiso and back into the crock}

Ume Chronicles continue (catching up from April 16, 2021)

Last year June, we harvested a load of Ume (Japanese small sour plums of a sort) from the neighbour’s tree and made several items while coincidentally waiting for our little baby to arrive (as you can see from my *sophisticated labeling system*, was started June 16) Oh and the baby arrived a  few days later on June 23rd).

Anyhow, I previously documented the process of making “umeboshi” ~~ salted and weighed in a crock with shiso, then dried, re-brined, and dried again, re-brined, finally jarred and eaten >> and given as gifts. Note: as the gift-giving *game* is important in Japan and these were a beauty with cute labels on them. Also made ume jam. Easy yum.

While we were at it, I made three more concoctions which just pulled out from the cupboard & bottled for use.

I’m not quite sure what to call some of these, and in some cases don’t exactly remember how they were made but basically combinations of salt, sugar, sake and vinegar. Basically though: a syrup, a liqueur and a vinegar.

Most importantly, happy to report that they are all very tasty and no problems whatsoever despite my limited skills/knowledge.

The “family photo” shows the plums – all started on the same day, June 15 – and how they reacted to their processes. My scribbled labels show you what’s what.

As an aside, also made a huge batch of persimmon (kaki)!vinegar with mother from an apple cider vinegar. It was a giant jar of cloudy goodness and shared with you.

[Update: July 2021, made a huge batch of Umeboshi as well as cordial/syrup etc this year again – feels like i *really really* live here}

{Update 2: put some of the Ume cordial in with some ice water and spritzer and sipped in the “fancy” pool the other day – such goodness in this muggy summer time heat}

Whatcha think?