Diary: Tsuchida station grounds projects, various

Busy around the house, now the construction is “done”, doing some garden, yard, landscape, and kura/naya jobs… the glorious mundanity of the tiny things which make all the difference. Be prepared, nothing *shocking* or exciting, just the usual days.

Hemp cloth wrapped on shelves made from wedding dais / under the dust cover is 1982ish Yamaha GT-2000 turntable & analog amp plus TEAC cassette/CD/usb/1/4” deck. Thats not *all the records* but a solid batch.

Another string of lights *and* Palau static montage… legit handcrafted speargun etc etc

Wood splitter, borrowed from forester Ukan and parents split up this rack / its loud & ornery but does the job

All hardwood – mostly oak and maple, odd bits of others (arborist wife often bringing home big chunks) This was all F&M-in-law. Epic. I’ll fire it up though (i just encourage)

Breaking rocks in the hot sun… (Ryoko has made a time-lapse of this rather intensive, long project…)

The overhanging parts will be cut to do the side/fronts

Cemented in – such dedication to detail

chip chip chip crack break, chip chip chip crack break repeat.

Actual work done by Ryoko and Oka-san

Meanwhile… Ume syrup / mix with ice & water for such refreshing tart sparks > yeah, i made the label

Making vinegar from ume & ginger & “mother”

Also… Washing up slippers > old ones go to kura barn

Washed so many duffels, backpacks, hockey bags, totes & more while also scrubbing out/salvaging the lil swimming pool

Next up: finish “programming” weather station, another package of Pokéstuff to BC and finishing up sort-ganzing Kinome office (and thinking about a van).

Whatcha think?