Kitchen: Ume Ferments and Garden Veg ~ round-up

Harvesting Ume: Ryoko Olson in her professional environment climbing trees (note her awesome boots and toolbelt), trimming branches and raining down Ume. No cape required for this superhero! She totally re-did the tree & harvested the fruit while talked to neighbour obaachan & held basket.

Yeah, we filled up a whole laundry basket, seriously, plus some other baskets for neighbors etc.

Yes, we’ll be making all sorts of different things with these plum/apricot sorta fruits (I mean, I have a whole Ume Chronicles section if curious)

Also from mother-in-law’s vegetable garden came nice haul of potatoes and a couple of eggplant (also some onions and garlic, not pictured).

We’re also eating broccoli, tomatoes and green onions from the garden recently, oh plus cucumbers.

Bonus: weird bug invasion {Prionus insularis awesome band name}

+ Ume Chronicles con’d +

Sorted the Ume into three buckets: the green (underripe) will make syrup/cordial; the *perfectly ripe* ones (slightly red/yellow) will make the usual tangy salted plums; and, the damaged goods get trimmed up and made into jam.

Also, washing various jars and vessels. (Noting this poorly lit photo doesn’t really allow you to distinguish which is which but, it’s not like it really matters does it?)

Ume fest rolls on with jam (loads!)

umeboshi (salted obv)

with a bit of Russian grog in to keep it clean and spark fermentation (or something)

Had another jar made week or two ago with some ume from a neighbour – note, this jar was “1/2” full and a few days later with salt and rocks, shrinks right down. Everything is into the kura barn now.

4 massive crocks with prepared plums, salt & bit of alcohol = umeboshi for future abundance. The big one in the back was too heavy to pick up to take to the barn. These are some big old vessels!

and bottled up some Ume-shu (sake of sorts) made i don’t know when – still plenty for syrup/cordial (not pictured)

Whatcha think?