Ace Correspondents in Edmonton – KK and MC at Stanely Cup Game 6, 2006

Quasi-official Canucks Outsider correspondents (and certified Internet Rockstars) Kris Krug and Megan Cole checking in with wicked excited video blogs from Edmonton game 6.

KK says, “Unlike any sporting event I’ve ever been to! Come check out the Oilers fans going completely nuts before the start of Game 6.”  See the nuttiness on You Tube.
photo by KK, more on Flickr

Additional Hi-jinks include:

– Interview with former Mayor Bill Smith
KK sez, ” I sat next to former Mayor of Edmonton Bill Smith at Saturday nights Stanley Cup finals game and did a lil videoblog interview with him. Cool guy. :)”

– Watching the game up with Edmonton 2-0
KK attempts to predict scores with his vast hockey knowledge

– Watching Edmonton force game seven
KK sez, “Check out the last minute of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes. Edmonton wins this one 4-0 and forces a game 7 back in Carolina. The crowd is going crazy and doing their best to make me deaf!”

– Visiting the CBC poduction truck
KK sez, “I had a chance to go ‘backstage’ of the Stanley Cup finals with Bob Cole of CBC’s hockey night in Canada. This is their HD TV truck and watching them pull it all together in real-time was pretty frickin’ incredible. Check it out.”

– Partying down on Whyte Ave
KK sez, “Hangin’ out roamin’ the streets of the ‘cool part’ of Edmonton with MC, drunken crazy people, and lots of cops. :P Heh.”




Twenty Bill

Feel like a twenty bill
Stony drunk and built to spill
Out on the roadway
Like i feel

Got a few of bucks for gas
Spent the rest on grass
Roll it up to
Be more real

Stowed away on slow ships
Left behind on roadtrips
Trains lost somewhere
Seeking a meal

Haggard memories of embrace
My boots in your suitcase
Somehow always comes back
Back to your smile

Paint me up in Crayola hues
Aquamarine and patina blues
If i could be someone else
I’d choose Coeur du bois
Couer du bois, or you

Luminescence (remix)

the first flicker
of luminescence
soggy matches
and pouting lips

watched you wait
like my best friend
from third grade classroom
swingset memory

lakefront fireflies
proving too quick for jars
rocky beach and the
proverbial stars

you called me out
to a distant place
i couldn’t even recognize
that it’s my backyard


libra vox bravada
close in seeking treasure
the news box on pender proclaims
“zoo faces charges of cruelty to hippo”
just not something you read everyday

the buses bring touists,
flower hats blocking sidewalks
commuters struggle by
couching earnest glares

resisting urge to interfere
the nervous pleated pants, clip-on tie namebadge

busy time afoot
stained tile wallks
manage reflect sideways
amidst the grime

17th to 41st & Oak
a single coin is often,
indeed standardly,
exchanged for variations of
sustenence &/or convenience

Lord Stanley of Preston’s Cup (and beer) – Canucks Outsider #36

Again on the Seabus inbetwixt periods of Game 5, Dave talks Steamworks beers, Lord Stanley of Preston’s Cup and Park, Hurricane’s guts, Oiler gumption, Canucks equipment sale, Orca Bay’s corporate communication, NHL draft and awards and a little World Cup futball on HDTV.

Listen Up – Canucks Outsider #36


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World Cup of Football Primer – Canucks Outsider #35

World Cup of Football (FIFA) primer with Peter the Glaswegian sitting in with Dave to discuss the forthcoming soccer tournament underway on June 9th in Germany.  They talk history, ideological intrigue, personal struggles, teams and players to watch, plus break down each pool and offer predictions.

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– Thanks for photo by ollyfarrell on Flickr
– Thanks to The Numbskulz for tunes



Good Timey Congratulations on the Seabus – Canucks Outsider #34

Dave, a little buzzed after Stanley Cup game one, gets a phone update from Dan Funboy about Roloson’s knee, recaps the intriguing Canes win versus Oilers, plus offer congratulations to various trophy winners around the hockey world and previews Canucks equipment sale while lamenting missing the NHL draft and awards.

seabus chooglin
> Listen Up – Canucks Outsider epiosde #34 (.m4a, 13:20)
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The Ferry Changes Tack

The ferry changes tack
to let the seaplanes land
tilts gamely from
the wake left behind

dragonflys were
the first to migrate
flying miles in just a day
discovered by someone younger
studying ambered fossil chunks
and specific DNA

cruisers berthed in harbour
barges haul the ore
trains railing sulphur,
prairie wheat and coal

ships robust laden
steaming to a horn
lonely crewman leans past jericho
leaving gastown cobbles behind

Edwin Embarks

Edwin wake up!
His father shook the boy
the journey begins this moment
before us long roads
and open seas

but poppa i’m tired he cried
and missing ma so much
do we have to go now
tell me why we must

Yes child
i believe you
hard and drawn
cobble paths and study oars
lead to distant shores and homes

but we’ll leave our home
and the greenest shore
grey rocky bluffs
that we’ll see no more

myths we follow
to a westfaced coast
somewhere vacant
with peaceful straits

stony walls
upturned hulls
protect us now
from the wolves

edwin let’s tread
come boy you’re strong
adventure awaits us
lit by late summer sun

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