Dossier: meet Rasika, postcard artist in Sri Lanka (also ink stamp and videos)

in bed, making postcards with tea in Sri Lanka

While in Sri Lanka for extended Ayurveda treatment, and later rambling a bit, I met an earnest young artist named Rasika specializing in postcards, diligently hand-painted and reflecting visual motifs of his culturally unique homeland.

a variety of Rasika’s handmade postcards

I, unsurprisingly, purchased many many postcards from him and struck up a friendship. He would come to my villa to work on paintings and I would sometimes visit him at his stand at the market in historic Fort Galle.

I mailed many of his postcards around the world so hope his spirit lives on refrigerators and in shoeboxes and scrapbooks as well as in hearts.

Rasika’s card (along one from Stick no Bills) on a fridge in Utah

I purchased him a special ink stamp as a token of friendship and he also help me acquire a return address stamp.

Oh and he tracked me down a typewriter which I used while i remained there (see example).

typewriter Rasika helped me acquire, now lost to history

Present Days of Chaos

Now in mid-2022/current times, His country has gone through a difficult season of struggle caused by corruption, economic mismanagement, cronyism, military goon squads and dodgy foreign “loan/aid” project. Increasing the difficulty beyond shortages of food, fuel, medicine etc. is the challenge of sending money to Sri Lanka as the banking system is rife with fraud.

Anyway, Rasika, who is no longer “young“ I suppose, before the current public health/economic meltdown, had set up a small shop of his own but, no longer able to maintain it with the lack of tourists. I’m hoping this little spark I’m sending out in the world will reignite some goodness for him and his art. or drop him a postcard from your part of the world.

Rasika Udaya Kumara
"Thaksala” Udumulla
Kalupe, Hikkaduwa
Sri Lanka

“Ceylon Relation” video channel

consider subscribing to Ceylon Relation youtube

Rasika now has a Youtube Channel called “Ceylon Relation“, please do a solid and subscribe and watch his exploits and document different experiences around the island nation formerly called Ceylon. Please consider doing the clickity, click.

an example of Rasika’s videos at Ceylon Relation
you can see the intrepid spirit of Rasika (M) and his pals amidst the turmoil in their country

You can find him on Facespace as well:

here he is at his makeshift stand at Fort Galle

Bonus: stamps go well with postcards, even if expired./cancelled stamps, buy anyhow, here are some Sri Lanka stamps See: Artifacts: Sri Lanka / ink address and postal stamps + tea shack