Post’d: Round-up of letters and post making, vol. 2 (undated, variety)

Post’d: Round-up of letters and post making, mailed from Sanur, Indonesia, 2019

Sure, i mail a lot of cards and letters and dossiers of ephemeral treats, poems and painting. Especially to folks who have inspired me or otherwise lent a hand, and to folks (know and unknown) who seem to need a little spark to help them along their journey.

oh! the be an explorer… (envoys to distant lands)

As part of my semi-obsessive documentation for my memory and amusement, i assemble photos (likely) enthusiastic correspondents send of their received items, along with  “still life” photos of postal-related items or post-in-process, and often just scenes of post offices/workers/boxes.

a card to 3 of my fave youths

Often times these items are organized chronologically-ish somehow, or maybe to a theme, but some cases (including this instance), neither applies and what follows is simply a batch of odds and ends hanging out for another cycle into the world.

Generally an absence of annotations as the meanings either aren’t meaningful or rather self-evident (that said, maybe some annotations will appear). Carry on, bring your own stamp. 

a unpacked dossier with painting, poem, goat propaganda and a letter , stickered up envelope

2 Corn Palaces, mailed to 2 Dakota-born pals
another dossier, sent to 2.5 delightful youths (no longer at this address)
note: this address is no longer valid so i don’t worry about the privacy of these lovely children
reverse side of envelope (featuring monkeys)
letter describing a trip across much of Canada
you are welcome, very much so
Mom’s depression-era glassware, Marty’s ceramic mug and an aerogramme from Ethopia (Provo, Utah)
set up for making postal goodness (in Kusakabe, Okayama, Japan)
another frenzy of scrapbook and/or letter making. seems familiar but can’t quite place it (oh it’s Brother Dan’s house)
working on a batch in bed with Ryoko (arm) in Sanur, Indonesia
stillife with (defunct, generally) hotel letterhead, various aerogrammes (out of date), address book, envelopes, and usual assortment of notebooks, scissors, inky pens and other accessories