Collection: Journals, Notebooks, etc. (variety), vol. 5

Notebook: from Royal Tenenbaum’s / life admin notes and various musings, summer-autumn, 2019

Explaining the obvious: I fill notebooks/journals of poetry, notes and musings (as well as scrapjournals which contain paper ephemera) and then transcribe (which no editing), then stash them into old-timey suitcase, which usually live in a storage locker faraway from where i physically exist.

Journal: Moleskine accordion / poetry / stamps, summer 2018 (front)

I snap lil snaps of the cover before hibernation to remind myself of these lil tomes which remind me so much of where i was when the words were scribbled. 

Journal: Moleskine accordion / poetry / stamps, summer 2018 (back)

To prevent the snaps from vanishing into a folder (digital shoebox as it were), compilations ensue, placed into this archive for my reference, and for you to peek at if you have a notion.

Some of these have been shared previously somewhere maybe but who’s to say. Carry on.

Notebook: various household note / property of Ankangan Guesthouse, Sanur, Indonesia, 2018
Archive: Tickets / filled with stubs from concerts and events (to be shared later), gift from Backstage Rider
Ticket Journal – sample page featuring Kiss, Dead Kennedys and The Clash (not together of course!) – Note: from the glare in the photo realized that another documentary method/process would be necessary
Scrapjournal: travel ephemera etc, Thailand > Philippines, 2015-6
Journal: Pacific crossing (Japan etc) / sketches, paintings mostly, 2017

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