Books: Assorted Japanese legends + punk rock history (Fall 2019)

Books are my pals, even since a kid  – and sometimes books (by circumstance or convenience) are stashed at mysterious locales around the world.

Sometimes, i snap pics of the cache for future reference, sometimes they go to little /free libraries, sometimes into my “Liberated Literature” program. 

Regardless, sometimes, the bookcases and/or contents are captured for memory of spending time with friends in a still-life of sorts. As such, this dossier of evidence.

Here are a few covers which happened to get snapped, as such, sharing for the amusement and edification of anyone who happens by and include: Soseki Natsume, Lafcadio Hearn, Tanazaki and a punk rock oral history.  

Not comprehensive by any means but sometimes raise their hand and say “i wanna spread some fcking joy” as they arrived by post.

Note this Lafcadio Hearn book was before he came to Japan (and changed name to Koizumi Yakumo) and was working/writing/rambling around New Orleans and later Caribbean islands.

Whatcha think?