Collection: Typewriters – variety, unknown, mysteries, odds and ends

as i recall, this machine was at a school near Dikwella, Sir Lanka but truthfully i am not completely sure – pretty good hunch though – am i incorrect? please inform me. regardless, a noble, well-kept Aristocrat machineWhat follows is a round-up/collection of typewriters I either purchased, used, or simply observed along the way on various wanders. 

Significantly, this collection contains images of several machines which ended up in sundry folders, drives and dossiers etc about which i am not entirely sure of the origin. This is important to point out as i don’t want to mistake someone else’s photo or whatever, but simply cannot recall but… since i kept the image, there is some significance which may not be revealed until later (at which point, i’ll dutifully update).

Additionally, if your photo is included, please do let me know and i’ll update. 

Regardless, assembled here for historical / archival reference and personal interest, with annotations where possible.

Olivetti in Marty’s backyard in Provo, Utah – seen elsewhere in this archive, the poor neglected machine was left out in the rain and snow and now is a garden ornament rather than a typer – shared here for an example of what not to do to your machine

Jack London’s machine – and while i was at Jack London station in Oakland and ramble to various museums and exhibits, i don’t recall actually seeing this machine, due its splendidness, archiving the image here. Credit unknown, let me know if you.
this Underwood (as i recall) was sent by someone to show the similarities (relabelling) between this unit and my Olivetti Lettera 34 machine – archiving here for this point of reference
another Underwood which seems so familiar but i just can’t place who and where – the details will probably come to me some late night fog and i’ll update when and if this occurs, otherwise, please enlighten me if possible
Definitely not my photo or creation but I LOVE IT! If you made this, thank you for being awesome. Obv an Olivetti Lettera 32, a fairly common machine of diligence and utility (i have a Lettera 34, the Japanese model)
Again, definitely not my photo or machine but i love this colour and these Hermes machines have a cult/posse/fanclub around them. If this is yours, right on.


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