Character: Boy/Man Band

Boy/Man Band: daveo disguised
Boy/Man Band
Though not as commercially successful as the Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block or n’Ssync, this “man band” was more comparable to Japanese pop legends SMAP! Though they considered themselves more of a “art collective with music being their most accessible medium”… If you’re fortunate, you can find the vinyl of their splendid danceable recordings at dusty hidden record shops somewhere in the Mission or Bowery.
The three bandmates continued on with their artistic pursuits focussing on photography, painting and writing respectively from left to right.  The occasionally-rumoured reunion shows were always thwarted by the impossible-to-fufill ticket demands from middle-aged divorcés.
Note: Raincity Studios office, 1 Alexander, Suite 420, Vancouver, 2008/9? Photo credit unknown.

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