Portrait: Japanese Wedding MC (with groom Craig Ryomoto)

Japanese Wedding MC: daveo disguised
Japanese Wedding MC
This handmade kimono waited in an old-timey suitcase for a decade or two before finally finding its purpose has one of three jackets used to conduct a wedding ceremony for the dapper gent on the right and his stunning lady who you’ve seen on the news.
Unbeknownst to the bride or the groom, and most importantly the hyperactive wedding planner, your venerable master of ceremonies conducted the proceedings in two languages and three different jackets to coordinate with the bride’s three dresses.
It’s the nuance that counts.
Note: I know what you’re thinking, but no, I’m retired from wedding officiating duties. Plus, would be hard to top that one with the 13 course dinner which I barely touched a drop of due to trying to remember how to say confusing spiels in Japanese (let alone English!) and a significant desire to not offend the grooms’s visiting family from Japan. This was moderately successfully completed.
Then, I drank all the Sapporos at the bar. 
photo credit: Sabrina Jaksa (i’m pretty sure at least)



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