Artifacts (youngtime): Chief Scout’s Award – evidence / letters, photos, certificate – 1983

from left Dave Olson, various RCMP and Judge, Bob Olson front, Brad Coleman far right – receiving Chief Scout’s award, 1983

In Canadian Scouts, the highest accolade one can achieve is the Chief Scout’s Award. Requires a whole load of badges and tasks and whatnot – sorta like the US Eagle Scout i suppose.

Anyhow, as it goes, most Scouts earn this on their way out and onto Ventures (the next age bracket group) but diligent as i am, earned at a young age (was told youngest ever but no way to verify) and attended the ceremony (requiring special permission apparently) along with older brother Bob and pal Brad Coleman. 

What follows are artifacts and evidence from the event and award.

(As obvious) this is a letter from Governor General who is apparently the Chief Scout of Canada) acknowledging earning of eponymous Chief Scout’s Award.

A letter, on official letterhead from Canada’s Secretary of State noting my earning of the Chief Scout’s Award. Pointing out the experience and knowledge will assist me in being a responsible and well-informed citizen… ha indeed! I am a sucker for letterhead though.
Well. this appears to me, poor posture and all, meandering back to my seat after being duly presented with the award certificate and whatnot. There was probably a handshake involved.

Whatcha think?