Fresh Media: On future of media in Canada Gillian Shaw / Vancouver Sun

Dave Olson at Fresh Media forum, photo by Tris Hussey

@gillianshaw: Thoughts from @FreshMediaMe forum & @uncleweed’s Heroes podcast from Saturday’s tutorial 

Fresh Media: On future of media in Canada – Vancouver Sun



The Fresh Media forum at Vancouver’s newly opened W2 Community Media Arts had more questions than answers about the future of news and story telling in Canada.

But probably that is as it should be in an area that is changing day-by-day, as technology delivers new ways to share and disseminate information with audiences that span the globe.

And what was most telling was the optimism at Fresh Media for learning and adapting to the many forms of media that let everyone become a publisher.

Along with the deep thinking over the future of our craft, there were hands-on workshops and demonstrations of the many facets of new media making. They were running concurrently so I wasn’t able to catch them all but I sat in on Rebecca Bollwitt’s (Miss604) blogging tips and Dave Olson’s session on podcasting. I haven’t been doing podcasts,  not from deliberate intention, mostly because I preferred  making my own videos and other projects. But I was inspired by Olson’s session to get podcasting.  Among the many other sessions were Vancouver photographer Tris Hussey’s on photography and social  media, April Smith of AHA Media on their work with W2’s  Fearless City Mobile in the downtown eastside, Lorraine Murphy of Raincoaster Media on Twitter and others. 

Listen to the podcast Olson made from our Saturday podcasting tutorial here.

The place was jammed – an indication of the talent and appetite in Vancouver for exploring these issues.

I was on a panel entitled New Media, Old Media, It’s all Media. Our session , like others that day, was interactive, a dialogue with the audience. Gus Fosarolli, client relations manager for Marketwire led our panel; Raul Pacheco-Vega, who has both a personal blog and one relating to his work in urban sustainability, water governance and environmental policy represented the blogging. I come from a traditional journalism background but my work, which appears in the print edition of our paper and online, spans both old and new media.