Social Marketing Kung Fu – Overview & Synopsis

* Social Marketing Toolbox – P1

Emerging communications technology tools are changing the more than just the media landscape. Social networking and web publishing tools provide an unprecedented channel for attracting and engaging clients and customers. However, this landscape is so cluttered with buzzwords, companies, and concepts that successfully getting started with social marketing can be a daunting project.

In this workshop, web veteran Dave Olson will explore noteworthy opportunities for businesses to outreach to new audiences and participate in conversations about your industry and brand. Through examples and anecdotes, you’ll learn about the essential tools for tracking and publishing content to the web. Plus you’ll hear fresh thinking about corporate communication strategies which will strengthen your relationships by sharing your expertise.

* Social Campaign Management – P2

Social networking on the web is more just “hanging out and chatting” – everything created online about your brand and industry is a potential touch point for future customers/clients. Web veteran Dave Olson returns with practical tactics for planning, executing and measuring campaigns. You’ll also add more tools for publishing content, sharing with networks, encouraging participating and measuring the success of
your efforts.

Now that you understand the basics of the social web, next up is exploring the benefits of launching social marketing campaigns by digging deeper about how social web platforms work. You’ll also learn advanced techniques for tracking how participants interact with your brand, and ways to enhance your brand’s reputation, increase
loyalty/affinity, and improve search engine results.

* Sparking Creativity in a Digital World

With a constant flow of information, increased productivity expectations, and a barrage of new technologies – finding inspiration for both artistic expression and entrepreneurial endeavors is a challenge. Despite advanced tools and access to audience, finding the time and motivations to elevate “craft” to “art” remains elusive in an ephemeral world.

With anecdotes and examples from personal experience, historical classics and contemporary culture, renegade story maker Dave Olson will share tactics for generating ideas and giving context to your content. Through a timeline of personal publishing and start-up biz experience, Dave will share practical tips for fostering authentic self-expression, creating artifacts and finding an audience – in both
the present and future.

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