Daveo Postcard Shop: on hiatus

Due to some hassles with the “buy me a coffee” platform – specifically payment methods, (along with my lingering bewildering illness #MECFS), i’m putting the “DaveO Postcard shop” on hiatus indefinitely. 

Might return at some point in another format. I’m still making stuff, albeit slowly, and have some new creative schemes and ideas in mind. And of course will continue on with my usual correspondence with high level of diligence and affection.

DaveO Shop on Hiatus, still making stuff

If there’s something you really want, just get a hold of me and we’ll work it out. Also, anyone who paid in advance or whatever, don’t worry, will get you all sorted out.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project buying art dossiers, monthly postcard subscriptions, my lovingly prepared postcard sets and so on. You gave me an opportunity to create some of my favorite things ever and I’m very proud to adorn your refrigerators, scrapbooks and shoeboxes.

Coming to you from “Giggling Piglet Studio“ on the second floor of a historic kura storehouse in Tsuchida, Japan.

Fondly, daveo

Whatcha think?