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Items: Round Up “cigarettes” (bubble gum)

Round Up “cigarettes” (bubble gum)

Note: Not to be confused with Round Up toxic killer chemical cocktail

Portrait: Junior Cub Scout

Junior Cub Scout, circa 1978?

Before the arms were adorned with badges (basically every single badge except the sailing one) and before i was a Chief Scout (basically the youngest one ever), i was just a Beaver graduate trying to make my way in the intimidating world of Cub Scouting.

Soon, i became a “6-er” and a “2-nd” or something and was qualified to lead the DYB DYB DYB chants. Heady days which began with a wee cub and his badgeless grey flannel shirt and fantastic hair (and yet another pair of specs). 


Artifact: Pipe and Matches (Swan Vestas)

Pipe and Matches (Swan Vestas)

Artifacts: Writing Utensils / Implements, assorted

Items: Writing Utensils / Implements, assorted

Artifact: Pear (same, twice)

Pear, 1
Pear, 2

Memento: Mickey Mouse rolls in Starlite Limo, Orem Utah, ca. 1987

Mickey Mouse rolls in Starlite Limo, Orem Utah, ca. 1987

Note: this limousine service was our family business and we rolled with various luminaries (Mr. T!, Johnny Whittaker, various Osmonds), ne’er do wells, kids going to prom, and occasionally an airport run. Plus much hijinks, much much as Bob and I often used this Cadillac as a daily driver to high school and hiking trips. 

Mementos: Karapitiya / Galle, Sri Lanka (4 views)

Tending to horse race wager forms
Train station (Galle) cargo office
Writing desk and rice fields
Walking a cow

Mementos: The Wailers in Vancouver / drummer and drum case

As seen at The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, maybe 2014 or 15 or really i can’t recall. (note to self, figure it out man!)

Memento: with Metal Planet and Scandoll Bands, Tottori, 1993

Dave with “Metal Planet” and “Scandoll” bands, Tottori, Japan ca. 1993

Artifact: Neal’s Trunk

This is Neal’s Trunk