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Invitations arrived, vol. 1 / Dave + Ryoko 4-20 Kekkon-shiki

What follows is a gallery of received invites “in situ” wherever they end up in the world / generally unannotated to protect erstwhile privacy unless publicly shared by recipient. 

Overall, 300+ packets mailed. Some will get lost in the mail (speaking from experience) but anyone who doesn’t receive a dossier in the post can create their own as desired, plus checkout the pieces not in your packet. 

The 6 (at least) tranches of mailouts had varied contents and packaging as the batches were sent from different countries, using different printers (pro and home) and different iterations of items, specifically a variety/sub-set of:

* Announcement storybook (4 panel, 2 iterations) 
* Invite to ceremony (2 panel)
* Invite to party (2 panel)
* RSVP card (pre-stamped for folks in Japan)
* Transportation info card (for folks in Japan)
* Letter to friends (on Grand Oriental Hotel letterhead)
* Gig Poster by Joanna Pag (mini-size via various printers and substrates)

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Letter to Friends / Dave + Ryoko 4-20 Kekkon-shiki

Letter by Dave Olson, enclosed with (some) announcement invitation packet – featuring guest letterhead from Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Postboxes are time/space portals for paper

Postboxes are time/space portals for paper

They go in one slot and somehow arrive at another

Of course, the most critical part of postcards and letters are: a proper address to send it to, and a friend to write.

Also, I like to think about all the hands which touch the card as it makes the journey from my writing desk to a happy (I expect) recipient who peeks in their post box / letter slot and see something other than a utility bill or an bulk/junk mail from a real estate agent. .
I also wonder how the “hand off“ in international mail works from one country to the next.

Do the workers peek at the – almost illegible – scribble on my postcards? .
Do they wonder who wrote the missives and who the recipient is?

Do you think about these logistics & vagaries? Or is it just me?

I think the temptation must be almost irresistible. Especially when they are doing the rounds and a dispatch from some interesting place ends up in their hands.

Pictograms: Pokhara health home (watercolour pencil)

Pictogram: Pokhara (health home window)
Pictogram: Pokhara health home, gratitude card with window view of World Peace Stupa (watercolour)
Pictogram: Pokhara health home, gratitude cards
Pictogram: Pokhara health home, gratitude cards
Pictogram: Pokhara health home (single card)
Pictogram: Pokhara health home,  gratitude card
Pictogram: Pokhara health home, Gratitude card with view of World Peace Stupa (watercolour)
Pictogram: Pokhara health home, Gratitude card, front/back (watercolour + photo + ink)

Artifacts from Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital, Galle (Sri Lanka)

Background: Along my healing journey, I received treatment at Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka, a government-run, pay-what-you-can facility.

Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital
Dissanayake Ayurvedic Hospital: Sign

I attended this hospital for Ayurveda treatments for some weeks during Dec. 2017-Jan 2018 and was treated by a kind practitioner called Ruwan. I also met with a wise Doctor who recommended I do a longer in-patient Panchakarma program here, but… some life situations changed and i didn’t do the program. I saw the rooms and talked to the doctors and while it was very spartan and not cozy, the staff seemed to be very intent on their practice.

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Hi Mom, One Year Gone…


Nov. 27th 2017 Mountain Time – Nov. 28th 2017 in Galle, Sri Lanka

Hi Mom,

Well, the date came around today. Its a foggy number for me as I was so far elsewhere in the “tomorrow” time zone and also took the brothers a couple of days to track me down to deliver the news so I actually had to look at your obituary to know exactly which date was the day.

The date shouldn’t matter and I maybe should be “unattached” according to the Buddhists or doing the whole “she’s in a better place” crap which frankly I don’t believe in – maybe there is an after-life but we have no proof and only folktales augmented by the spectre of “faith” to go on – so to me, whether there is or isn’t makes no difference (also, who’s to say this isn’t the “after-life”). Oh and to the faith of my relations, I don’t want a whole planet to “manage” if it means I must supervise wars and disease and disasters, anyhow I digress… to me, the only salient aspect of memory I feel and care to share is simply “I miss you”. That’s all. And, I want to, aim to, and am keeping your memory alive in a very tangible way.

You have no marker, your body is still at University of Utah Medical Center, used by a little squadron of medical students and there’s maybe an engraving of your name on some associated memorial wall in SLC somewhere – we ordered it, filled out the form but don’t have evidence of actual existence.


Of course, there’s your sons and friends and grandkids still roaming around but your stories will fade if someone doesn’t keep the tradition alive. With this in mind, I post photos of you and about you, on the Internet so folks can click a button of acknowledgement, drop a few words, etc. – but to me, this isn’t all of what’s needed. With your love of genealogy – or rather the research of the stories of ancestors as they are rather than just a list of data points to perform unrequested ceremonies upon – and your interest in findagrave and tending to headstones, I want to put a stone somewhere with your full name, birth place and date and same with death, just for the “Lauralees of the future” who have the same interest as you to dig into the stories of the past.

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Post’d: Telegrams re-mixed for a un-modern, post-forgotten age

Postcard still-life - Telegram collage
Postcard still-life – Telegram collage
Telegrams re-mixed for a un-modern, post-forgotten age. Water coloured with paints from a dollar store > cryptic messages scribbled fountain pen > inky stamps applied appropriately > chopped with tiny scissors > glued > addressed > mailed to magic makers worldwide > digitized for your possible convenience, enjoyment and/or pleasure.


Post’d: Global launch portals for postcards…

Postcard stilllife - postbox collage

Launch portal for postcards – I’ve sent over 60 this last month or so… But not from these boxes per se (thought in some cases, yes).  Note: The deliveries rate is not exceptional – not sure whether to blame the postal services, my handwriting or modern times. Regardless, each written with affection for humankind and with loving compassion for those who will receive it… eventually…

Pictograms: Notes to adventurers (mixed media + ephemera)

Pictogram: Letter Heather for India (outside)
Pictogram: Letter Heather for India (outside)

Various handmade “pictograms” from from watercolour notebook paper and various foreign postage stamps and inky stamps – mostly made in Newfoundland and Labrador, though some in Nova Scotia whilst i was rambling Maritime Canada seeking a home (which i did not find).

Post’d: Pictograms from Newfoundland and Labrador, July 2017

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dispatch to elsewhere

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