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Ichiro: Telegram, rec’d

Why yes, we do accept telegrams here at Tsuchida cottage / No Time Machine required. #io

A Lunch with the Future, Contextualized

Marshall McLuhan in San Francisco 1965

Re: academic soothsayer Marshall McLuhan… in this case, a lunch in San Francisco 1965, introduced thusly (note recently deceased Tom Wolfe namecheck):

“Hot on the trail of this titan, I thought to myself, “Where is the last place in town you’d expect to see Marshall McLuhan?” and that’s where we I found him–at Off-Broadway in North Beach, lunching amid the topless waitresses with Writer Tom Wolfe, Adman Howard Gossage and Dr. Gerald Feigen.”



SXSW: Heading off to Austin with an Auto Reply Message

Minutes before leaving to SXSW, Dave creates an auto reply email message while sipping cappuccino and relaying plans to meet up with folks in Austin, giving means to contact others at HQ, and tips for following along with HootSuite activities at home.

Message to Social Media Unplugged Calgary from Dave & Kemp

Leading up to SM_Unplugged event in Calgary, HootSuite Marketing Director Dave Olson and Learning Program Coordinator Kemp Edmonds share some banter from @JJRail coffeeshop in Vancouver. They announce that Kemp will be speaking in lieu of Dave at the event on May 7th in Calgary. Topics include community building, HootSuite University, social media and world affairs, and the power of HootKits.

this hoots for you cap’n!

Indeed cheers man – this hoots for you cap’n! http://twitpic.com/bakdm