Errant Gaze (20-something punk)

Blondes in tanktops
they can’t defer
the passion lingering
for my home and her

A healthy meal
a harmonious deal
a sleep-filled night
without a fight

I’d take a chance
if i could
not take the
life i’d made

A subtle glance
might change all the
with your halter top
pigtails and

Mascara gaze
but not for me
i sigh in mystery
and recollect
these blissful days
long past misery

You could be the
St patty’s day
fling for me
but it ain’t to be
cause i got mine
back at home

Lime green shirt
in enthusiasm
relating tales
of scores and failures
with curly haired friend
past me
in tilted cap
by wobbly chair
makes the time
in my mind
with another blonde

In another time
somewhat shy
just little bit like me
desperate glance

Your swept back hair
leaning into my
uncommon circumstance
me remembering
those bewildering times
scores and conquests
and extra lies

Whatcha think?