Flock, Web 2.0 Backlash, BitTorrent – Roland’s Rabble podcast, Show 1

Roland's Rabble podcast, show 1
Roland’s Rabble podcast, show 1, photo by KK via Flickr

Note: This inaugural episode of Roland’s Rabble podcast show (by Roland Tanglao) is re-posted here for posterity as it discusses advances in what was then-sorta-know-as “Web 2.0” in a nascent state and pre-sages many technologies and practices which came to fruition in coming years.

Specifically discusses Bit torrent, Flock social web browser, Now Public “citizen journalism” project and more with noted characters in the erstwhile Vancouver tech community. Backdated to original recording date for archival context. The show is also archived at Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Listen to: Roland’s Rabble Show 1 – Flock, Web 2.0 Backlash, BitTorrent (23MB, mp3, 39:34) recorded Friday October 28, 2005

Original (verbatim, links not corrected) show notes: 

Welcome to Roland’s Rabble, my new show loosely about Web 2.0 with four Vancouver based regulars: Michael Tippett of Now PublicSusannah Gardner, author and designer from Hop StudiosWill Pate of Raincity Studios and Alex Samuel of Social Signal (who couldn’t make it this week)

Show notes and Links:

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