Upgrade Your Heroes via LIFT Studios, 2009 (audio)

Dec. 18, 2009  i sat for a video interview by Cameron of LIFT Studios and riffed themes from my Fck Stats, Make Art lecture. Especially discussing ideas about heroes and success.

The interview allowed me to spiel forth on many of the topics i enjoy so much including my formulas and tactics for creation including philosophical and personal motivations. Cam remixed my words with fresh source material including hero cards, paper point collages, Grateful Dead music and inter-disciplinary artists – and allows enough time for me to get some legs under my stories and give props to my friends and heroes. Thanks for that.

Pull a card for Upgrade Your Heroes via LIFT Studios (23:36, 35MB)

The spiel was released on video, but i made an audio version for on-the-go convenience. The video includes all sorts of fun/related imagery host Cam included so if the sound is a bit squirrelly, you’ll know why.

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LIFT are interactive designers and the interface to view the video is pretty wild and begs for exploration and fiddling. Do take a few moments to poke around. Follow @beautifulgarbage on the Twitters and see his Beautiful Garbage portfolio.

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