Pod Riffs on “Story in Mind” w/ Moss Whelan

+ Let’s go for a walk and talk with a Story in Mind +

Hey whatta fun conversation! Riffing about creative projects from 1970s to current days and how all the threads connect together in the most unexpected ways. I.e.: fanzines, chapbooks, paintings, mustaches, Ayurveda, Dead tour, grain barns of mystery, goat farms, hemp #theusual

From Moss Whelan / writer, papermaker, renegade & podmaker:
“Back in the swing—talking with {Dave Olson} about writing, art, and health”

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Backstory: Recently reconnected with this gentleman Moss Whelan as seen at Commercial Industrial Hemp Symposium, Vancouver 1996 – at the time he was hand-making hemp paper on the trade show floor under the “sails” of Canada Place.

You can see him in HempenRoad film… Anyhow… Recently we did a podcast interview for his series “Story in Mind” covering so many topics from narrative structure, time travel, mental health & loads of laughs.

He writes genre fiction and our life journey since our last meeting are laden with parallel tracks. Really worth a listen i think (hint: i “open the kimono” more than usual – yikes!)

Listen: above in browser or via Anchor, Apple Pod, Spotify… 

Whatcha think?