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Community Roundtable Podcast @TheCR ~ Building Communities of Community Managers

In May, 2010, i was a guest on Community Roundtable Podcast with Jim Storer and Doug Haslam and shared many tactics used to build HootSuite through my role as a marketing/community guy. Here it is for the record and archive:

You can download the Community Roundtable Podcast with Dave Olson or listen onboard:


The Community Roundtable has partnered with Voce Communications to produce a new podcast series, “Conversations with Community Managers.” In this series, TheCR’s Jim Storer joins forces with Voce’s Doug Haslam to speak with people from a variety of industries about their efforts with community and social media management.

Episode #9 features Dave Olson, Marketing Director for HootSuite, which helps people and companies track, monitor and manage their Twitter communities.
Podcast highlights include:
  • How the traditional title of “Marketing Director” translates to online marketing, customer service and social engagement
  • Turning metrics into meaning by realizing the personalities behind the community members
  • Tips on community: making members feel like they belong and are contributing, and that they are being heard and acknowledged
  • Stories about communities in the 1970s, enabled by “ditto machines” and other pre social media technology (the roots of Dave’s current personal projects are found at
  • An example of a company (SubPop records) that started their community building in the pre-social media era (pre-Internet, even), and evolved it into the age of Twitter
  • Adding value, context and storytelling vs simply “attracting a crowd”

Community Building On The Poor Boat – Naked Marketers podcast, 2010

naked marketers indeed
might i suggest this artwork for a forthcoming Naked Marketers episode cover ;-).

After debuting with a guest recording for the Naked Marketers direct from the Social Media Clubhouse Party bus at SXSW with John Biehler, I joined 2 of the hosts – Pete Wright and Dane Christensen – of this straight shooting marketing conversation podcast a few weeks later.

Give a listen to: Naked Marketers ep 5, On the Poor Boat

After a roadshow for my day job to Seattle, Austin and Toronto, we had plenty to talk about community building plus practical anecdotes demonstrating about the importance of content, creativity, inclusivity and sincerity in your social media powered outreach efforts.

Also laughed with co-host Dane Christensen about some college day community building projects including the Long Hair’s Club at at community college in Utah and his efforts to fenegle a travel scholarship to Northern Voice conference. Go Listen!

Note: While i share remarks about my day-job, my opinions are my own and should not be confused with official company information.

Episode Blurb:

Ep 06: On the Poor Boat

{snip} Our guest on the show this week is the one and only Dave Olsen, community wrangler from HootSuite, who fills us in on just how to build a compelling and effective community and social marketing campaign on the cheap.

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Boots on the Ground at SXSW –  Naked Marketers podcast, 2010

Are you on the bus? Photo by @johnbiehler
are you on the bus? photo by @johnbiehler

My pal Dane Christensen of Strike 10 media (@altadane) and his cohorts create a podcast called “Naked Marketers” described thusly:

“We are the naked marketers. Hosts Pete Wright, Megan Strand, and Dane Christensen and guests are dedicated to pulling back the veil on marketing ridiculousness and folly, and helping communicators develop a strategy that is both effective, authentic, and fully awesome.”

Give a listen to Naked Marketers “Boots on the Ground at SXSW

I was happy to oblige his request for a report from the streets of Austin Texas during SXSW.

I was delayed a few days as i basically lost my voice in the dry air and loud parties but i hopped on the Social Media Club party bus and recruited my pal (and SXSW speaker and ace photographer) John Biehler to help tell the story.

Topics range from bar-b-q and beer to marketing and locative check-in software apps.

The set-up is great as they offer a “caution this podcast is in Canadian” disclaimer off the top. Hope you manage to get the nuance and bear in mind, this was recorded on a brightly coloured converted school bus stockpiled with Molson Canadian beer and a batch of social media renegades.

Here’s their description of Boots on the Ground at SxSW Interactive with Dave Olsen from HootSuite Released Mar 19, 2010

“Direct from the technicolor party bus in Austin comes this SxSW update from our friends Dave Olsen and John Biehler. If you weren’t able to make to Austin for the event this year, check out what Dave and John have to say and then mark your calendars for this time next year, so you can join us for some beer and BBQ in Texas! Dave is a community wrangler for our favorite social media tool HootSuite, and you can find him on Twitter @DaveOHoots. John Biehler is an e-biz analyst and freakishly awesome photographer, and you can find him on Twitter @JohnBiehler.”

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Citizen Media Making at Vancouver Olympics on CBC Radio 1 – Olympic Outsider #29


Listen: Citizen Media Making at Vancouver Olympics – Dave on CBC Radio One – Olympic Outsider #29 (.mp3, 5:40)

On a busy night during the Olympics, i headed over to Canada North hospitality house with a group of True North Media House documenters. Tagging along was a CBC crew including the charming reporter Heba Aly. I was included in the finished CBC Radio 1 piece which focused on media-makers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

This created an interesting scene as i was interviewing “Singing Goose” while a circle of TNMH folks documented the interview, then CBC audio crew and With Glowing Hearts film crew documented the documenters and the hosts of the hospitality house looked on with wonder and happiness.

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“Dossier of Importancy” – Impressionist Pod Stories at Purple Thistle

Dossier of Importancy Pod Stories at Purple Thistle

After a workshop about storytelling by podcast, each of the Young Gunz youth group draws a card from Dave’s “Dossier of Importancy” and react with an impressionist story about what they see. Recorded Nov. 13, 2009, at Purple Thistle Institute in Vancouver, Canada.

Reach into the envelope for: “Dossier of Importancy” – Impressionalist Pod Stories at Purple Thistle (5:37, 2.6MB, 64k mp3, mono)

"picking a hero card! (these things WORK!) " says Carla at the Purple Thistle
“picking a hero card! (these things WORK!) ” says Carla at the Purple Thistle

Creating your Podcast at Purple Thistle, part 3 (preso + workshop)

Creating your Podcast at Purple Thistle, part 3

Delving into the production of podcasts, Dave reviews various methods and equipment options for capturing sounds, then getting audio into a machine to edit, editing software choices, finding music and ambient noise, and finally outputting a quality creative dispatch out into the world via a blog and podcast aggregator.

 As shared with the Young Gunz youth group at Purple Thistle Institute in Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 13, 2009.

Connect the wires for: Creating your Podcast at Purple Thistle, part 3 (30MB, 192K mp3, 21:45)

Ideation for Podcasts at Purple Thistle, part 2 (preso + workshop)

Ideation for Podcasts at Purple Thistle, part 2

In order to generate ideas for podcasts, Dave converses with Young Gunz youth group about their topics of interests and passions, and riffs about turning these curiosities into compelling shows  in part 2 of the workshop.

 As told to the Young Gunz youth group at Purple Thistle community centre in Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 13, 2009.

Get a pencil for: Ideation for Podcasts at Purple Thistle, part 2 (45MB, 192K mp3, 32:32)

Storytelling by Podcast at Purple Thistle, part 1 (preso + workshop)

Storytelling by Podcast at Purple Thistle, part 1

Storytelling is core to compelling podcasts. Moreso than technical details, focus on planning ideas, digging out unique stories, seeking desired vision, and crafting community. As shared by Dave Olson with the Young Gunz youth group at Purple Thistle Institute in Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 13, 2009. Thanks to Carla Bergman and the Young Gunz.

Grab a seat for: Storytelling by Podcast at Purple Thistle, part 1  (84MB, 192K mp3, 1:01:09)

Questions + Answers from the Hero Dossier – Feasthouse Podcast


Questions & Answers from the Hero Dossier (7:33,.mp3)

At Fresh Media conference at W2 Arts + Media Centre, participants riff a spontaneous blurb about a hero from a Dossier of Importantcy in a workshop about storytelling + podcasting by Dave Olson (AKA Uncle Weed).

Features Samuel Pepys, RMS Carpathia, Amber Case, Thomas Paine, J. Garcia, Mudhoney, JJ Rousseau, Geoff Berner, Ed Abbey, The Numbskulz, DH Lawrence, Tin Tin, HD Thoreau, Jer Crowle, Bev Davies, Gary Snyder, Vaclav Havel, Lou Reed, Cory Doctorow, Dr. Seuss, Dead Kennedys, Theo Van Gogh & Derek K. Miller, Gillian Shaw and other personal luminaries liberated from an envelope. Thanks to @shermanscorner for tunes.

More about Podcasting:

What’s Wrong with the Canucks? Canucks Outsider on BC Almanac – CBC Radio 1, 2009

On the cbc bc almanac show

What’s Wrong the Canucks? – Canucks Outsider on BC Almanac, CBC Radio 1 (21:24, .mp3, 10MB)

With the Canucks mired in a futility streak, BC Almanac invited me down for a chat on the popular CBC Radio 1 afternoon radio show “B.C. Almanac” on Jan. 30, 2009. I’ve appeared on a the show before along with On the Coast, and really enjoy going to the Ceeb and sharing my punditry with my fellow Canadians.

During this segment, I fielded calls from Canucks fans around BC (Penticton, Nanaimo, Fort St. John … ?) including 85 and 87 year old gentlemen who both brought good conversation and veteran savvy. Topics included coaching, Pat Quinn, Sami Salo, Ryan Johnson, Mats Sundin, chemistry, mediocrity, and psychology.

My amigo Bread the Producer recorded the segment and one of the production crew snapped a photo of Mark Forsythe and I chatting during an on-air break.