Hockey NW and Canucks Outsider design archive

In preparation for the 2009-10 season – the 12 for HockeyNW and 5 for Canucks Outsider, i took a step back to assemble an archive of HockeyNW web interfaces and plans since 1998 (also see HockeyNW & CanucksOutsider on Flickr for more).

Some are screenshot from’s Way Back Machine and others are scavenged from my disorganized trove of stuff. Some are annotated, some are not.

Some related inspirational items and links along the way as well.

There are a few other version missing in action which i’ll add for posterity when possible.

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Pit Martin started it all as Old Time Hockey as a “public service” circa 1997 The original Hockey NW page

Hockey NW came together with a biz plan … circa 1998 Hockey NW biz planHockey NW plan

 Meet the Future with the Sedins (and others) with brand transition 1999/2000 Meet the future Much More after the Jump more of the futureHockey NW (formerly Old Time Hockey) circa 2000

The future is now (and then) with Sedins, Smyl and S. Kariya, circa 2001 Hockey ... Northwest Feb. 2, 2001 Plain white for SLC Olympics in 2002 Hockey NW Olympic edition Jan. 23 2002 After the “didn’t have time for design” Olympic edition, was this 2003 design Hockey Northwest v2 Feb. 19 2003 Then modified for the lock-out year (note Vancouver 2010 candidate city badge) in 2004/05 Hockey Northwest v1 Jan. 22, 2005 Then post-lockout came the Canucks Outsider podcast inserted into a the static page in 2005/06 With podcast

Hockey NW with Canucks Outsider circa 2006 The header design featured brother Dan, Artem Chubarov and me & Lord Stanley’s mug HockeyNW

With a mini banner featuring the Vancouver hockey lore  and a mini chicklet

Mini Banner

When the site moved to a Drupal CMS (Oct. 2006), the interface design suffered and headers became campaign specific … with help from my pal Bread Hockey NW Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs Hockey NW Home of Canucks Outsider We Have the Power

Search Canucks Outsider on Flickr and also see the dozens of Canucks Outsider podcast “album arts” – the past two seasons included custom ones for each episode.

A few pieces of sources material and inspiration

hockey lounge brick

Canucks Memorabilia

canucks and shakedown guy

canucks static montage

hockey lounge

See also: Canucks Outsider podcast episode art archive Canucks Outsider Media Scrapbook

More Inspiration:

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