Ayurveda Health Home, Nepal – introduction + review etc

welcome gates in Pokhara

May I introduce Ayurveda Health Home in Nepal? They have clinics in Kathmandu and Pokhara (where I did my panchakarma 3 week treatment cycle).

me and the esteemed Dr. Rishi – so much goodness

The facilities were fantastic – simple and sincere and functional, the staff was next level skilled & diligent, and the skill of the key medical officers – led by Dr Rishi & my lead Dr. Rumee – empathetic, knowledgable & superb. 

view from my darling room in Pokhara

The cost was very reasonable (especially compared to “regular life“ costs of living in Vancouver/San Francisco/Seattle or whatever) assuming you’re capable of getting to Nepal… I know it sounds daunting, but I have written up a little advice sheet about traveling with a chronic illness to make something like this much more easy. Hit me up if you want this riff.

Visits to a few wonderful, unique, intelligent clinic/hospitals in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka played the most critical role in bringing me “back to life”.

so many kind touches

It is worth every penny, every mile, every effort.

Anyhow, AHH just made a new website and this is me encouraging you to take a look, show them some affection if you feel inclined.

find your way to here for healing goodness

I added a review under what is now a not-so-secret alias, ergo:

Life Changing Experience

I arrived at Ayurveda Health Home in rough shape – physically and mentally. After becoming ill a few years previously, my life had changed from fast-paced and exciting to a continuous stream of medical doctors of many kinds and modalities. I was worn out and demoralized from care which was either based on chemical prescription meds, or cost prohibitive speculative approaches.

The Doctors, therapists and staff treated me like a precious soul for my 2 week in-patient treatment program which was custom designed for me after a personal intake from Dr. Rishi who travelled from Kathmandu to thoroughly interview and examine me. The care included various massages, steam baths, oil baths, mediation, cleanings of all kinds, personalized gentle yoga and learning about Ayurveda as applies to everyday life.

Further, the food was prepared specifically for me, based on my characteristics and where i was in my treatment cycle.

Sometimes the treatment was not easy! But, thoughtful Drs. Rumee and Kristina and their team (especially Kriti, Devi and Dev) showed me incredible gentle empathy and care to help me through. I am incredibly grateful as they gave me improved health but also hope and optimism for the future.

I will be returning for a longer cycle and thoroughly look forward to spending time with them again. The practitioners tended to the delicate work with complete presence and dedication, the cooks were so pleasant and food made with care and love, and the rooms were simple and clean and comfortable (mine had a wonderful view of the lake and stupa as well).

So very grateful that this wonderful place exists.

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