Healing: (un-detailed) back to doc (& next steps)

Thanks to each of you again for your kind words and thoughts and thinking about me re: #daveo52 / 8-16

But, ummm, ugh.. it’s the same thing every year, I do a little bit too much on my special happenings (i guess #shrug even tho kept it super mellow) and then go into bad #MECFS “crash mode” (i guess?) which landed me in the hospital in great pain (and i’ll spare ya gory details) with sweet slow IV, plus blood test, stethoscopes inspections, touchy pokey pokey, blood draws, and a bonus C 19 test out the door with the medicine) – The beds are not comfortable (but I was smart enough to bring my own eye mask) regardless, the doctors and nurses are very sweet and thorough.

good thing is, it’s like a small clinic but it has x-ray, ultrasound, small lab, small pharmacy so I can do everything in one place… Even got another C 19 test

so slowly putting it back together, I’m not good at this chronic complex illness yet it’s only been nine fcking years #sheesh admittedly disheartened, tough summer.

Anyhow this is my periodic reminder that while I see all of the request for various little tasks coming in, I will get to each eventually but just nothing in the next few days.

Fondly as usual, dvo at Tsuchida cottage

Next day: Back to doc today / stabilizing but completely wiped out & drained from dehydration and related GI stress & spasms / New sheet of test results (for a translation project). Trying to keep spirits up but *so sick of it all*.

Extended note: visited Dr, got some new blood test results which will be a fun translation project, asked him about causes; *not viral so… allergies? and histamine? thyroid? GI? and if he’s got any ideas about why the fck this happens to me repeatedly even though I’m *totally keeping my pace is slow and gentle, eating good foods*… So much throughout my life, I’ve had conundrums related to G.I. system in general from hernias to aggravated bowel to giardia to worms and even esophagus issues and so I guess when I’m weak, this is where the problems manifest and my goodness, I was rewriting my will while twisting and riding on the stern style Japanese bed with the IV gracefully placed in by a woman who would be retired in any other country. Ice parks please (and add some morphine to the drip :())

No real thoughts or answers but at least he was nice and he actually you know, inspects my body with hands and stethoscope and old-school blood pressure cuff.

More: On the 25th, we go to the big city hospital for the neurologist at which point I’m going to attempt to get my records transferred to the university research hospital plus, and (just for my CPO-D pension peace of mind), get a record of all my visits and get some paperwork for my “semi official disability status”.

Didnt have wookies in mind when they designed the slippers

Thanks for the kind words, just showing how good the tiny green slippers and the pink couch go together.

Now: Back in a cool dark room, feeling a little bit discouraged and wiped out but whatever, it’s the routine right?

Whatcha think?