Notes from re-entry

Struggling with re-entry a wee bit. Had some odd complications and taking it easy and unsocial.

I’m lagging on all sort of correspondence, projects for Jamaica, and calling my Mom and stuff but gotta keep it super chill til i get stable. #healing #grateful #sleep #slow

Here’s a photo to amuse in the meantime – it’s me being a tour guide in Guam in 1995.

Dave gives a spiel at Starsand Beach, Guam, circa 1995

For reference, this is me at 25 years old taking a group of Japanese package tourists into the Guam jungle to show them WW2 wreckage, hidden caves, wild pigs and carabao with a rest stop at a Chamorro hut we built to enjoy some coconut snacks. Place is called Starsand Beach Club. Here’s a vague sense of where:

The beach club closed down after 9/11 due to security concerns as we had to bring tourists and staff through Andersen AFB each day.

In other words, i haven’t changed much… except that around this time, i found the Internets which altered my life course.