Syndrome Roster (for the record…)

Syndrome Roster ~~ it’s like a game! But not really fun

  • FM
  • CSS
  • ME/CFS
  • RLS
  • GAD
  • IBS
  • ++ Occasional vertigo & resultant head trauma

Results in:
* Constant pain at various pressure points
* Muscle spasms and twitching * * Radically changing heart rate
* Sweats and chills
* Extreme muscle tightness
* Muscle adhesions at various established pressure points
* Ridiculously challenging insomnia
* Troubles digesting & and errrr… Discharging
* Constant weariness and fatigue
* Brain fog and confusion and memory loss (including missing months)
* Frequent panic and anxiety attacks
* Occasional falling down on my face randomly
* Emotional confusion between some bursts of elation followed by long troughs of depression
* Overstimulation in any kind of noisy, hectic and disorganized chaotic varmint
* Fading eyes which can barely read
* Reduced fine motor skills mean I can barely type #Dictation

This is the overview for those who are asking. As you might suspect it doesn’t thrill me to discuss this but I’m learning to accept the situation but with a fighting spirit. I sure as fuck didn’t ask for it and, second-guessing life decisions including working so hard so close after surgeries, is a waste of my time and energy.

Benefits include:
* Learning who my friends are
* Increased empathy and compassion
* Learning pacing and retain
* Learning to say no
* Getting over the fear of missing out
* Extending my love of hot springs & baths
* Toughening myself by tapering off myriad prescription drugs which were aenetisizinag my brain and body. Now I feel pain but I also get to use my brain — as jalopy as it is — this means dealing with six months very difficult with all resultant symptoms which I won’t bore you with their unseemliness

That’s your report, I’m not taking questions and not expecting comments and I gracefully forbid any fucking sympathy. Send that to the people in Nepal Syria or affected by crazy wildfires — in fact, don’t send them sympathy send them help of some kind.

Thanks to those of you for sticking with me, I love your little notes and especially when you enjoy some content made in my past. I ain’t dead yet and got miles to go before I rest I’m kicking at the darkness tell it bleeds daylight.

To those of you who are bored of me and/or have unsolicited opinions & miracle cures, send them to someone else and I’ll remember when you need a kind word. No grudges but seriously save it.

These remarks were inspired by women in my support group who are twice is tough and three times as wise as I am. I have strong sister mentors to whom I am very grateful but I won’t do them and dignity of naming them here because they don’t need that either. But they do need pictures of bunnies. XO UW

Whatcha think?