DIY: Birdhouse (vacancy, no application needed)

Made a birdhouse from some scraps of wood, noting birds don’t care about “perfection“ (and fun to make while they’re tweeting all around around me.)

Added on a little bit of an “front porch“ so the little birdies can hang out and enjoy the view and have an easy landing spot.

Note: scraps from poncho stashed inside for nesting – decades ago we would watch the Good the Bad and the Ugly in my VW bus in Orem high school parking lot with Bob Olson & Cory DeMille et al

Will hang in Ume tree tomorrow (or so).

Re: installing/hanging birdhouse “best practices”

Do I set it in the nook of a tree where is solid and secure?
Do I hang it in a branch where more inaccessible to other critters but swings in the wind?

Home with a view, in bloom

Update: no tenants yet despite some rainfall in today. Do I need to put up a “vacant, no application necessary“ sign? [update: added a “Welcome” Sign]

The first hole I drilled seemed a little bit too big so I put another board in front with a slightly smaller hole. I’m not sure ideal parameters for the local inhabitants.

{I don’t really know much about birds here or otherwise, but there’s some robins and I guess sparrows or swallows or whatever around – they move too quick for my eyes}

I just hung it up on a branch, kind of nestled between some other branches so it doesn’t flop and fly around too much. First day of spring, the plum tree is blossoming like wow so it just seemed like it needed to be there.

meanwhile, Ryoko made a bamboo trellis for grape vine and roses to crawl up

Whatcha think?