Diary: “where i’m calling from” (re: creativity & endeavours + caramel apples)

* where I’m calling from *

{i} Diligently send out creative goodness all the time / is doing so a worthwhile endeavour? I mean I know “yes” but…

My point: I just hope items/musings/artifacts are enjoyed and care is noticed (so i don’t feel like the family who handmade caramel apples for Halloween just to have them all tossed out when kids return home from trick or treat).

Am i making sense? Didn’t think so

** Fck Stats, Give Inspiration

3 thoughts on “Diary: “where i’m calling from” (re: creativity & endeavours + caramel apples)”

  1. Yes you are! There is SO MUCH STUFF out there that you kind of want to see if people are listening.

    I am very firmly in the mindset of producing and sharing for me, with my personal stuff.

    But really, I want more people to come out and play!

    1. Indeed, I have nothing to sell or harass people about, I just want them to come and enjoy themselves by enjoying creative things together. Thanks for the kind thoughts

    2. Yeah i love love love making my stuff and indeed an audience of curious folks breathes life into the creations as they become “something more than yours”

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