Poetry & Design from Several Small-ish Books

let’s hang out and enjoy some poetry and whatnot

“In the studio barn, anxious on account of an impending medical and other “life admin” project, Dave reads from a variety of slim-sized (mostly) books of poetry, discusses book layout, design and publishing styles and pathways, relates some anecdotes about writers & how the books came to be here. Plus a few musings and projects of his own – while trying to calm a weary head and body.”

Maybe I’ll make you a mix tape

(I will add a proper list of books and writers, soonish, not right now, but of course if you just watch you know about the books cause you’ll hear all the poems)

For starters, namechecks, of sorts for (among others): Andrew McLuhan, Amy Chavez, Charles Lance Tomala, Bryn Burningham, Adam Burningham, Amber Case, + Jerry Kruz

{I experimented with a two camera set up… An iPhone 5 and a canon “kiss” – neither are ideal but you just gotta use what you have right?}

Further (redundant) notes:

Feeling a little spun out in anticipation of tomorrow’s #MECFS clinic intake (know I shouldn’t be but just a little gun shy after all these years of hospitals) so I went to the barn studio and made a video reading poetry from several small books.

[Didn’t do proper notes from all the books I read so you’ll just have to watch it for all the details, it’s a very pleasing variety with a discussion about book design and production as well as contents. We’ll get to notes eventually, maybe I read your poems? I mentioned your book?]

By the way, in anticipation of intake, I condensed my approx 35 page medical history/narrative/everything list into 3 pages including both English and Japanese (machine assisted) as a way to be prepared, friendly (and prevent missing things in the brain fog).

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