Okayama Japan Travel Overview on #SustainableTravelJapan

+ from: Okayama Super Fan / dept of propaganda ≠

I was a guest on JJ Walsh Seeking Sustainability live talk show (sept 27, 2021) during a special week about tourism in Setouchi/Chugoku region talking about dear forever home Okayama.

Topics were varied – from Bizen pottery to art islands to custom Kojima denim to grateful goats and most points in between – banter was amusing (she does great research) and spectacles on point 🙂

Hope i represented well for spirit of Momotaro as i name-checked favourites aspects of living in the “Goldilocks of Japan” ™. Spoiler: my *not-secret* fave is Rural Caprine Farm. Also name checks for Mac Kobayashi & Amy Chavez ++ so many locals businesses & destinations including Katsuyama, Maniwa, various ~shima, the Market & the mystery of Momotaro & utility access covers (Pokéman).

Do consider sitting down with a leisurely beverage and hanging out. Eager to hear what you think.

The effervescent host and Inbound Ambassador said the following:

Fantastic start to a week of Setouchi Collaborations on the #SustainableTravelJapan talkshow series. Today we started our 3-day regional focus with lesser-known travel gems in Okayama.

It was a fun conversation with Dave Olson who is an Okayama resident and “Super-Fan” of the area as he describes himself. Dave had wonderful insights from blog articles and events he has hosted for friends.

Watch the replays here if you missed us: https://lnkd.in/gFSPXfWV and via Happs.tv multi-cast

Notes: you probably already know, this is my 2nd appearance on JJ Walsh’s numerous varied projects, previously, talking about life reinvention and slow life of start-ups to postcards.

Help: Happy to answer questions and check out my (not-complete but amusing) “Travelling to and Around Okayama, Primer” and loads of other Okayama musings.

memo: podcast audio version also available, will post under separate cover > in the meanwhile, follow JJ on all the channels (she’s everywhere doing so many interesting projects around sustainability in all the forms).

Whatcha think?