Ross’ New Job: Snowboarder Rebagliati starts camp in Kelowna

This press release came across the wire about my sorta-acquanitance Ross Rebagliati’s new gig as the snowboard guru for Kelowna Mountain.

ross regbliatti at 2002 olympics

Coffee talk with Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati

In my article for Heads magazine about Ross’ quest for Team Canada for 2010 [“Rebagliati Positive about 2010″ in Heads, the marijuana lifestyle magazine] and Olympic Outsider interview [Coffeetalk with Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati – Olympic Outsider #3], i pointed out how sharp, healthy and communicative the youthful Rebagliati is.

As such, this is a wicked smart move by Kelowna Mountain as Ross brand appeal is still massively high (no pun), and this is a great deal for Ross who can solidify his role as the elder statesman of Snowboard culture and the resort business.

Ross article - Heads magazine coverRoss article, Heads magazineRoss article, Heads magazine, pg. 2

His RASTA brand of camps and gear will also benefit from the increased exposure and the will be evidenced in the super-skilled and chilled boarders graduating from his dojo.  Anyhow, read it up and enjoy.

Ross Rebagliati Named New Snowboard and Ski Director for Kelowna Mountain

July 3, 2007


KELOWNA – The world’s first Olympic snowboarding champion will be training future Olympians at a four-seasons residential resort planned for Kelowna.

Ross Rebagliati, B.C.’s Olympic gold medalist from the 1998 Nagano Games, is the new Director of Snowboarding and Skiing for Kelowna Mountain. Rebagliati lived in Whistler for 17 exciting and productive years.

Ross and his wife Alexandra plan to share their time between Whistler and the Okanagan. Alexandra worked as a realtor in Whistler with Macdonald Realty and will continue to work with Macdonald Realty in Kelowna.

“We believe having Ross join us is a real coup for Kelowna,” said Kelowna Mountain co-owner Nicola Consiglio.

“With Ross on board, we know we’ll have a top-notch facility,” said co-owner Mark Consiglio. “We’re also excited about supporting Ross as he trains young people for the Olympics.”

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Rebagliati. “I’ve known Mark for 10 years and I’m excited about being part of the Kelowna Mountain team.”

The Rebagliati Alpine Snowboard Training Academy (RASTA) will officially open next year at Kelowna Mountain. The training academy will focus on riders of all levels who are looking to improve in the sport of snowboarding. For more information on RASTA camps, please e-mail or phone 250.870.2792.

Rebagliati has been hired to design and manage the snowboard and ski operations at Kelowna Mountain, an exciting, youth-amenities-oriented residential resort at the corner of Chute Lake Road and Gillard Forestry Road in the Upper Mission neighbourhood.

More on Ross Rebagliati:
Born: July 14, 1971, North Vancouver, B.C.
Vitals: 5-10, 180 pounds
2005 – Inducted into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame
1998 – Olympic Gold Medal, Nagano, Japan
1997 – 1st place, World Cup Giant Slalom, Whistler
1996 – 1st place, World Cup Super G, Whistler
1996 – 1st place, World Cup GS, Sestriere
1991- Canadian Amateur Snowboard Champion

As an active member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ross has helped grant the wishes of children from as far away as Florida. Ross’ name and offer of a snowboard lesson can be seen on silent auction ballots for many charities. Ross is an active participant at annual events hosted by the Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver and Kids Help Phone.

Super Series – Canada vs Russia, 8 Games, Under 20

My brother Dan Funboy got us tix for the Super Series (the continuation of the legendary Summit series) featuring the best under 20 players from Canada and Russia going head to head for 8 games – the first 4 are in Russia and the following four are in Canada (Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Red Deer and Vancouver).

Here’s Team Canada’s stellar roster which features young luminaries like Kyle Turris, John Tavares, Karl Alzner, Milan Lucic (thought he was Czech) and a thick smattering of other kids who went in the recent NHL draft (Esposito, Gagner, Gillies).

Can’t wait til Sept. 9th for Game 8! Here’s a video from the World Junior Tournament in Vancouver last year to spread the excitement in the summertime.

(Meta)Physical Conditions of the Environment – Postcard #46

Pod cover - Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Meta-physical environment

Taking a Remembrance Day respite to enjoy a conscious discussion with ‘Trigger’ at Vancouver’s New Amsterdam Cafe, Dave O listens to the consequences and conditions of space, in tangible and gestalt senses, and reviews the paradigm shifts of Vancouver’s downtown Eastside ‘four corners’ – once one of the grandest intersections in the British Empire.

Later, he wanders and reads Walt Whitman (When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d) and Gord Downie (from Coke Machine Glow) to bring it ’round home for this part #7 of the White Poppies for Remembrance series.

Cross the street for: (Meta)Physical Conditions of the Environment – Postcard #46 (18:47, 26MB, 128k mp3)

Music by:

  • Drive-by Truckers “World of Hurt” via KEXP
  • Beethoven Sonata #14
  • Unnamed spacey something by Merlin (and/or Jahwah) via HempenRoad soundtrack

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CBC’s lukewarm response to ex-pat hockey fans

{cross-posted from Ephemeral Feasthouse post: CBC’s lukewarm response to ex-pat hockey fans Re: Why you can’t watch Hockey Night on the web outside of Canada via The Tea Makers: IM chat with Andrew Lundy}

CBC streams their coverage of NHL playoff games along with TV coverage etc. but if you are a (taxpaying) Canadian living elsewhere, you are outta luck. I thought CBC might take a progressive approach on this conundrum and view this as an opportunity but no luck – instead a lukewarm meandering response showing disregard for the love of hockey held by Canucks abroad. And frankly waiting for the NHL to do anything smart or useful is a waste of time. Anyhow, thanks to a mystery blogger quoted via Inside the CBC, here is an interview snippet and my comment. And yours?

O: I have a lot of friends who live overseas. Every time I talk to them they ask me why they can’t watch the Stanley Cup online….

AL: Our agreement with the NHL is for Canada only. NBC and Versus wouldn’t like it if someone in Boise was watching an HNIC broadcast online, eating into their customer base. Ditto for someone in Sweden (although I don’t know who’s broadcasting competitively there).

I understand the frustation, though. We’re sending this online to a population that can watch it on main net and in HD.. why give them online? But it’s the way of the future and our numbers were, I’d say, solid for a first-time, and for games that were played in the evening (not online’s prime time by any means).

O: So that’s that?

AL: For now, that’s that. I don’t know of anyone who has global rights. Not for anything major, anyway.

O: Why doesn’t the NHL sell a subscription a streaming site of their own making? So people could pay to watch?

AL: You’d have to ask them. Major League Baseball sure does, and they do a fantastic job. But each league is different, and maybe there’s a different philosophy at play between the two leagues.

I chime in thusly with this impassioned plea for reason:

DaveO Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

June 13th, 2007 at 11:04 am PDT As a podcaster (I make the Canucks Outsider) and an occasional ex-pat, i think CBC pursuing a way to get hockey to all Canadians is a key initiative and a worthy mission. Frankly few in the US is watching anyhow as i learned while traveling on business during the Stanley Cup playoffs and couldn’t even find a bar in NYC who’d play the games (there was yet another Yankees/Red Sox game on).

CBC certainly has sufficient clout with NHL – who are discounting rights heavily anyhow to get any US network to carry games at all (and Versus’ coverage is a joke but getting better) – i suggest CBC has enough clout to make this almost-essential public service happen. Bear in mind, hockey is not just sport, hockey is culture to us. Just try living overseas while your team is in the playoffs and you’ll agree with the “essential” part.

During the Canucks run, I produced a companion broadcast of the games (no, i didn’t show the actual games) to Canadian hockey fans in UK, China, Australia, … all of whom would eagerly ante up a subscription fee to view the CBC broadcasts. Also bear in mind, many border states cable packages include CBC so there are some rights cross-overs existing already.

Please do not wait for the NHL to do *something* – the CBC is the real home for hockey coverage for all of us Canadian (taxpayers) no matter where we live.


Bread the Producer’s video of The Police May 28, 2007 Vancouver

<iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
Bread the Producer edited up this montage beauty of The Police’s epic return to Vancouver with a variety of songs and uncannily good audio quality. The whole gang was there (cosmo, Dingo, Bread, Leezer, Osmosis, Funboy, Toad …) to see a bit of music history as Sting thanked the Squamish nation for use of their Longhouse for rehearsal and called Stewart Copeland the best drummer in the world – yup.

Podcast Queue

Podcast Editing Bonanza – Showpack Roster

OK sorting out the show roster to edit to give ’em titles for album art and descriptions and all that and help folks choose open or two they might wanna edit (or just to get folks excited about what’s coming up …

a-canucks-floorball – Swiss Invade Canada at BC Floorball Challenge – Features interviews with the sport’s Scandanavian ambassadors to Canada and some most excellent Swiss players (plus banter about Swiss culture) and some local Canadian upstarts – many files

a-choogle-happyvappy – The Happy Vappy Action Man – Interview with Ferd, the designer who makes the Happy Vappy from his workshop in the commercial district of Vancouver on a rainy Sunday discussing the whys and hows of his business and the benefits of vaporization – one file

a-choogle-japan-story – Japanese Mountain Satori-time – On a walk, Uncle Weed recounts and recollects spent in the mountains of Japan learing the old way of the culture by harvesting rice and mushrooms and learning about cannabis’ rich history in Japan in a town called Miasa, beautiful hemp.
steve of the mountains

a-choogle-london-camden – Space Cruise to Camden Town

a-choogle-london-hempforvictory – Hemp for Victory with Author Kenyon Gibson
Kenyon Gibson, Author

a-choogle-london-rainy-bridges – London’s Rainy Bridges, Prisons and Obelisk (Victoria Potter)

a-choogle-london-westminister-wander – Insomniatic Musings on Royalty, War and Statuary
clock tower (home of Big Ben)

a-choogle-numbskulz-growup – The Numbskulz Grow Up (and Rock Out)

a-choogle-nyc-village – Manhattan Bubbleboys, Falafels and Bars
early morning arrival

a-choogle-royalsampler – Royal Sampler (with Hookah and Vaporizer) &/or

a-postcard-remembrance-conditionsofeastside – (Meta)Physical Conditions of the Eastside
another alley from bus stop

a-urban-nightmarket – Asian Market Quest for Cabbage Pancakes
zen of okanomiyaki

b-choogle-gloria-test – Glorious Purple Kush Testing Session

b-olympic-flagevent –
Part 1 Duff Gibson, Superhero Gold Medal Skelton-thlete
Part 2 Crispin Lipscomb, Freestyle Snowboarding’s Peoples’ Champion

a-postcards-remembrance-waitinginbaghdad – Waiting and Resisting in Baghdad

a-urban-hemp-c – Hemp Soda Two Flavor Taste Test

Stoney Streets of San Jose with California Medicine ~ Choogle On! #41

After a pleasing smokedown of California medical marijuana, Uncle Weed wanders back to his luxury hotel – passing San Jose’s domed, modernist, fountain-laden City Hall – and rambling about New York City neighbourhoods, smells and pubcrawls plus grouses about stinky hotels, late flights, sleeplessness and democractic candidates while sneaking tokes as cops roll by in quiet Silicon Valley.

Stoney Streets of San Jose ~ Choogle On! #41
(.mp3, 26MB, 19:00)

Stoney Streets of San Jose - Choogle on Cannabis Podcast[album art by Bread the Producer, photo by UWon Flickr]

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Silverhawk – “Kalispell” (Sam Densmore and John C. Densmore) from Westward
(see also
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Unknown – “The Things You Can Think” (T. Geisel)

Clayton (the Seabus Busker) – “Tonight” (Ramones)

City Hall rotunda and Downtown skyline, November 12, 2005
by //ichael Patric|{

Roll Your Own Choogle on – Seeking Audio Storytellers/Editors

With my recent push to get the shows to the people, i’ve called upon a few amigos to bust out some editing from a semi-assembled show packs of audio recorded here and there. I do not like to micro-manage nor thwart anyone’s creativity but figured i’d best list a few guidelines and tips for making a show a real-authentic Choogle on experience – not for the timid to be sure!

To bribe competant folks i’ll offer up random crap from my box o’ prizes – tshirts, rolling papers, magazines – no big deal but i do what i can yo! What do ya want? A certificate? Sheesh.

Master of Podcast hi-jinks

Rule 1: Tell a story (keys: characters in transition, conscious conversation, sense of place, adventures into unknown where something will/might go wrong)

Rule 2: Remove the parts which don’t help the story move along (and the parts when i sound like a complete dumb-a$$)

Rule 3: Remove personal names and dates and other “meta” or time sensitive content unless critical to the story

Rule 4: Start with the intro theme, end with the outro theme, sprinkle segues and “narration” bits here and there to fit mood

Rule 5: Choose music which is thematically – topically, geographically or sonically – relevant to the story

Rule 6: Add in all ID3 tags (description, comment, title, year, artist etc. plus album art)

Rule 7: Party on! Spark one up, you’ve earned it.

Rule 8: Listen again – Are there excessively loud or quiet parts? Any audio hiccups with are distracting? Any boring bits? Tune-ups are encouraged.

Really, if you need advice, brainstorm feedback, opinion on which show needs done, what music works etc. holler at me via secret channels. And remembe, thousands of lucky bastards are listening up to your labours so make it dank.


(Another) Promo for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica show from Uncle Weed and The Dopefiend

Continuing on with promos for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica podcast on the podcast conglomerate, here’s one with Uncle Weed and the Dopefiend pushing the goods to the people recorded at the Dope Den in South East London in June 2007.

Of course you are subscribed to his show (along with the rest of‘s offering) but for my own benefit (and Max’s), here’s the clip.

Uncleweed and Doepfiend Promo for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica (.mp3, :14, >500K)

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