Kintsugi-esque Postbox Haiku refresh – on a Goat Farm Visit

In the spirit of Kintsugi (usually meant for repairing busted ceramic pottery items with gold – and gluey goop but you don’t notice – to “emphasize” the imperfections), i repainted the worn-off top line of the haiku on the postbox at the “Rural Caprine Farm” in gold paint.

the “finished” fix-up / at this point, the paint is still wet so need to clearcoat next time over

Created this functional poetic installation (and the “inexact doppelgänger” on canvas) in 2018, scant days before meeting Ryoko.

the “shadow” of letters lost is poetic in itself but fresh up worthwhile

As it goes, this might be my most seen piece of art. And not only is it a functioning daily mailbox also – due to the exposure to elements and whatnot – the piece is constantly changing and evolving. Ergo: wabisabi / beauty in decay. Besides many insta-snaps, at least one patron painted the postbox itself.

goat not to scale (hopefully)

I though about remixing the original poem to “Yesterday’s letter” or even, “Tomorrow, a letter?” but stuck with the original for various reasons.

since the brush was wet, the front postal mark 〒 got a few gold lines

You know there’s also a poem on the other side added in 2020 right? Was done the same night as my global mailbox painting exhibition on-site at the goat farm for an event put on by a design magazine who featured the postbox and the related painting in an article about artists, designers and artisan businesses in Okayama – It’s all very circular.

evidence of a 5-7-5 haiku on other side, painted in 2020

Funny enough, i wrote a similar poem with a shodo-style painting during my “Japan 1.0 days” in early 1990s… maybe it’s here somewhere?

a few months back, noticing the fade getting past the “charming point” while doing my cheesy photo every simgle time (you know there will be a time lapse photo series sometime right?

First poem was added in 2018, but before that, a painting of a blue postbox, then the real postbox, added poem, then added poem to painting…

variations on a theme but on a screen

and now freshed up in 2023. what mysteries await?

to confuse matters, another postbox is at my kura barn studio (which was meant to be the first one for Mac’s farm but arrived dented, so voila! more poetry postboxes

Meanwhile at the Goat Farm

My favorite folks in this whole archipelago.

One day we’re going to have a band with me, Mac, Ichiro & Ryoko,… in the meantime, coffees for us, goat ice cream for him + paninos and his appy plate.

this time, our overs rather than goat milk lattes as its autumn and the goats aren’t kicking down milk for your dang lattes

We played several records including new Wilco (who are playing in Osaka in March), another one I can’t remember, and a band which stole my name of “Foreign Correspondent”.

{I also recorded another really lousy ukulele song, “this time tomorrow” by the Kinks, I may even be foolish enough to float this out to the universe on some secret channel because I evidently have no shame for creativite expression, right?}

Stilllife with: Uke, chords, goat yogurt, trucker hats